Malawi, known as the 'Warm Heart of Africa', acknowledges Chichewa and English as its official languages among the 16 recognized languages. The country has a rich missionary history, with several mission stations established by early missionaries laying the foundation for spiritual growth in Africa. Derek Prince Ministries South Africa has been actively contributing to this legacy by distributing Derek’s teachings since 1985.

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Longstanding Partnerships

Our partnership with Elim Ministries (UK) in Blantyre, headed by Pastor Trevor McKriel, flourished over many years before their return to the UK. We began our outreach with the Global Outreach Program, followed by the Graduate Gift Packs, and ultimately introduced the Mega Voice Solar player, pre-loaded with 400 hours of Derek’s teachings. These resources were directed towards various organizations such as YWAM, Operation Mobilization, Iris Ministries, Salt Malawi Ministries (under Julian and Caroline Lott from the UK), and Balaka Prison Ministry.

Self Study Bible Course and Further Translations

The Self Study Bible Course, initially translated in the 1980s and 1990s, saw extensive distribution in Malawi. As part of our continuous efforts to update and enhance our resources, the book was revised and reprinted for further outreach. An impressive count of 1000 copies was printed specifically for Prison Outreach, thanks in part to the funding from Pam Nersesian of Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Currently, the book has been incorporated into the Life’s Changing Spiritual Power series, printed in Kenya, and is being actively distributed in Malawi. In our ongoing mission to make Derek's teachings accessible to all, translation work into the Tumbuka language is also underway thanks to the contacts of Geoffrey Auma (DPM Kenya).

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