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The work in Cuba began in 1992, when Mark DeVito from the U.S. office traveled there. During his interview with Adalberto to determine his involvement with the ministry, Mark felt God was saying, “This is the man that I have chosen.”

In the years that have followed, Adalberto and his team have printed in excess of one million books on their small printing machine - then assembled and distributed them to Word-starved Christians throughout the country. Because of the connection to the Open Bible Church, DPM-Cuba had the legitimacy to be able to operate openly in Havana City. Open Bible Church had 60 churches among its affiliation and that opened many doors for distributing Derek’s material widely.

Additionally, Adalberto has DPM co-workers in all fifteen provinces of Cuba, who work through all of the major denominations. Adalberto receives 80-100 pieces of mail each week, but distribution of materials remains a problem as the postal system cannot accommodate shipment of boxes. Most shipments are through Adalberto or other friends of the ministry - using antique cars made in 1959 or earlier.

The average income for Cuban workers is $12 - $15 a month. People lack access to adequate food and medicines of all kinds. Persecution of Christians has decreased, though all religious activity is still closely monitored. On one of our visits to Cuba, Adalberto received a letter from the government notifying him that they knew of our visit and our activities were being watched.

The resources provided to our Cuba office have been well stewarded and have borne tremendous fruit. Several needs still remain - a more modern printing press, duplication equipment for CDs and DVDs, and a decent vehicle. These would facilitate the work of DPM in Cuba.

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