The office of Derek Prince Ministries France was established in November 1995. Shortly after, in January 1996, the first book was published: "Blessing or Curse, you can choose!". This book remains the bestseller of all time, currently with over 37,000 copies sold. Today, 700,000 books have been edited and printed, of which 200,000 books have been sent to 20 French-speaking African countries. Many of these books have been sent free of charge to Bible schools and ministries. For many, if not most, these books are often the only educational material they can get their hands on.

Since its inception, DPM France has earned a great deal of respect from many denominations, ministries and churches. The Bible Correspondence Course has over 400 students. Parts of Derek's teachings can be found all over the internet on various websites, and the “Laying the Foundation” video course has its own channel on Topchrétien, the largest and most important Christian Internet presence in France, with over 1,000,000 visits per month.

Derek Prince, having been a missionary in Africa himself, and having served in various African nations, was particularly pleased that God allowed the ‘Ocean’ of DPM to flow in this continent as well, together with the DPM office in RSA, which existed already. The main challenge remains financial. Most of the people do not realize that France is an immense mission field, with only less than 0.5% of the population ‘born again’ Christian.

We thank everyone for their prayers, which we covet, and all the financial support! France is a great nation, with much to offer. We pray that the Church, with the help of Derek Prince’s teaching, will realize its potential, and take its place, in society, and in the heavenlies!

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