While India was still a colony, Derek left India in 1920 to be educated in England. He only returned once—in January, 1998—when he was 82. During that visit, he and Ruth ministered to over 2,500 leaders, also launching his first major book published in India: Foundations for Righteous Living. DPM–India was birthed as a result of those 1998 meetings, prompting Derek to write: “We saw some of the most blessed results and some of the sweetest Christians we’ve ever met anywhere in the world. Our representative there has got a passion to get the truth of the word of the gospel out in printed form, and specifically my books.”  Since then, through the continuing translation, printing and distribution of Derek’s teachings, great advances in the Gospel have taken place throughout India, driving back the powers of darkness, and bringing light to this nation that Derek loved.

Hundreds of thousands of needy pastors, leaders, believers and Bible College Graduates in India have benefitted greatly from having Derek’s Bible teaching available in their own language.  Our DPM-India Office in Trichy and distributor in Delhi have printed over 1.2 million English books, and 1.4 million books in 10 different Indian languages.  One of our most significant ministries since 2002 has been to supply over 100,000 Bible College Graduates with a gift pack of Derek’s books at their graduation services.

DPM-India Directors, Elsie and Danny, oversee the ministry in India, which has expanded into a thriving work which reaches many parts of the nation.  Elsie and Danny travel widely throughout this region – conducting conferences and seminars despite fierce spiritual opposition.

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