Derek Prince Ministries works together with a leading Mongolian pastor to produce Derek’s materials. The pastor translates and publishes the materials, seeing them distributed in Mongolia. With the fall of the Soviet empire, Outer Mongolia became an independent state (having been previously been under Soviet control). This led to severe economic decline. But at the same time, it led to church growth. With limited funding Derek Prince Ministries, working with local believers, has sought to put Derek’s foundational teaching into the hands of these new Mongolian believers.

So far, “They Shall Expel Demons” has been published, as well as “The Foundation Series”, “Blessing Or Curse, You Can Choose” and “Does Your Tongue Need Healing”. Currently, the Mongolian team is working on, “Called To Conquer”.

The local Mongolian pastor writes, “Derek Prince books are a tremendous blessing to the young, vibrant church in Mongolia! Thank you so much for supporting the ministry of publishing Derek Prince books here in Mongolia.”

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