The beginning of Derek Prince's ministry in Poland dates back to 1990, when Derek Prince Institute was established in the city of Lublin in eastern Poland. Derek's teaching in Polish language began to spread in the form of books, audio and video tapes. Derek's teaching ministry soon became very popular in Poland, leading to the spontaneous conversions of many people who accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.

In June 1989, the 45-year period of communist rule in Poland came to an end, and people living in the country began to seek God more intensely. Their hunger for God's Word grew, and many new Christian churches emerged as a result of the work of the Holy Spirit. During this time, there was a great demand for sound and balanced Bible teaching, and it was very difficult to obtain good Christian literature. The work of Derek Prince Institute was therefore a huge blessing to our country. Published books dealt with a wide range of Christian topics - from the basics of the faith, through practical questions concerning the Christian life to an in-depth studies of God's Word. In 1996 Derek Prince was the main speakers on the conference held in Lublin impacting the lives of many believers calling to dedicated following of Jesus Christ. In the following years Derek Prince Ministries published several new books and reprinted the ones published many years ago like:

In September 2012, Derek Prince Foundation was registered to meet the current legislative requirements in the country, which was another milestone and opened new doors for fruitful ministry in Poland. Our main mission is to make Derek´s teaching accessible to believers to support their spiritual growth and relationship with Christ and to teach them to apply the truths of God's Word in their daily lives.

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