South Africa

Derek Prince Ministries South Africa is responsible for all the countries south of Zambia and Madagascar. There are many challenges facing us to reach these desperate nations.

Zimbabwe is in a crisis, facing starvation due to the political situation. They have not been allowed to plant crops this last season and the farmers have all been told to leave their farms. Adding to this is the AIDS crisis, which will affect most countries. Many orphanages and homes for AIDS babies have been opening all over the country to cope with the crisis. Lawlessness is the order of the day. Hijacking and the high crime rate, unfavourable exchange rates, and an increase in the cost of living adds to the uncertainty of the times we are living in. One realizes that we are definitely in the end times. This has in fact created the very favourable climate spiritually as people are questioning the foundations that they have been building their lives on and, as a result, are looking for solid Bible teaching material. Many are now taking their commitment seriously.

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