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Derek Prince moved to south Florida in 1971 and began providing copies of his taped messages, operating out of the garage of his home. By 1973 ministry growth warranted a move to their first office facility. Other international offices came aboard, beginning with New Zealand and South Africa in 1984. Then the U.S. office relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1994, where we are currently located.

Today, over forty years later, we have twenty staff members in the U.S. who are passionate about the ministry and the potential to impact lives through the legacy of resources left for us by Derek's powerful and effective teaching ministry. In addition, there are now over 45 outreach offices around the world.

The U.S. office is responsible for overseeing outreach into Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands through outreach offices.

Our ministry in the United States includes:

  • Making the full library of Derek’s material available—90 percent of the materials we provide are given away without charge.
  • Sending partner letters, Derek’s teaching letters, and worldwide ministry updates to a mailing list of over 14,000 and an e-mail list of over 70,000 people.
  • A Prison Outreach, which has grown by 34.3 percent over the last year in response to requests for material coming directly from prisoners. This averages out to 654 requests per month as of January 2013. Prisoners may select one free book per month through this program, and it appears that many of them are passing the DPM Prison Book List to fellow inmates.
  • A Prayer Outreach that includes an average of 400 requests per month as of February 2013. Each prayer request is forwarded to the DPM intercessory team to be prayed over individually.
  • Derek Prince Legacy Radio, which airs 15- and 30-minute broadcasts, hosted by New York Times best-selling author, Stephen Mansfield.
  • These programs are heard on more than 37 stations nationwide, with free podcasts available through iTunes.
  • Drawing from the vast archives of Derek’s recorded teachings, new books are being published every year.
  • The translation of Derek’s books and messages into more than 100 languages.
  • Our Facebook page makes available every day a devotional, a book quote and DPM’s worldwide prayer requests, as well as a link to the radio programs. Multiple updates are posted daily on both Facebook and Twitter.
  • The new Derek Prince mobile app was launched February 2013. Since its launch, more than 4,000 people have downloaded the app, and Facebook traffic has increased by 65 percent.
  • In 2013 the YouTube Channel for Derek Prince Ministries also launched, allowing people to view Derek Prince's videos for free.

Please see our website for more information.

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