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Derek Prince Ministries established its outreach office in the Middle East in the early 2000s. Our goal has always been to present the Bible teachings of Derek Prince to Arabic speakers in the region and beyond.


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Our outreach

Through the Derek Prince Ministries Middle East outreach, 17 countries are served the Word of God and the teachings of Derek Prince. These countries are Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Al Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Morocco, Mauritania, Algeria, Tunis, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, and South Sudan. Although we serve all these nations, communication isn't one of the main obstacles. That is due to the fact that there are more than 300 million Arabic speakers in the region who share a common language.

Upon our belief that having God’s Word in an understandable language is a given right to each human in our area, we started working on translating and delivering Derek’s teachings to the languages and dialects spoken by the different ethnicities. So far, we were able to serve and deliver our content in 4 main languages, which are: Arabic, our main language, and it covers about 85% of the Nations we serve. Sorani, a language spoken by the Kurds, in the North of Iraq. Tamazight, for the Amazigh people in the North of Africa. English is used as well in some cases for some regions as it is the most common second language among people in the Gulf area for instance and in South Sudan, it’s considered the primary language in schools and education in general.

Serving the region

There are many ways to support the people of our region. We are always trying to find new ways to reach them and deliver the Word of God and Derek’s teachings. We supply churches, ministries, and individuals with our materials and teaching resources.

We have regular outreach trips to many countries in the region to find the needs and meet them. Some of the visited countries are Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, Tunisia, South Sudan, Morocco, Mauritania, and other Arabic churches in Europe. And we strive to cover each and every country in the Region on a regular basis.

Throughout those trips, we support ministries/churches by sending materials and teaching resources in their languages. These materials can be in different forms, such as books or USB Flash Drives/SDCards loaded with the bible and Derek’s content. This enables them to share a deeper and a more profound understanding of the Word of God.

Back in 2019, we started a training for African pastors and leaders living in Egypt. We proceeded to do the same in South Sudan through multiple outreach trips there. This training was based on Derek’s book “Foundational Truths”.

In some special cases, we support the suffering people in warzones like Syria. We send encouraging spiritual materials as well as the daily physical needs such as fuel for heating in cold winter, medicine, and Food.

Furthermore, in some countries, we establish partnerships with local Christian Radio stations to broadcast Derek Prince’s teachings through programs and episodes that we produced specifically for their language, especially in areas where more advanced technology is not common. We were also able to broadcast Derek Prince’s teachings and his original sermons, dubbed to each region’s language, through many of the popular Christian TV Networks in the Middle East and North Africa. Thus, reaching more people than we ever did before, and fulfilling more of our hopes for delivering the Word of God to those who need it the most.

Our production

Through God’s grace, we were able to create many projects that were quite fruitful. Our production is a truly diverse one. As we are not focused on one format to deliver God’s word but rather using all technologies that are available today for the Glory of Him.

The materials

Our first (and most common) resource is books. Every year, we translate and print more of the original writings and publications of Derek Prince in the Arabic language, mainly along with other languages to reach more people. So far, we have 41 of Derek’s books translated into Arabic, and 11 books in Sorani and Tamazight (Kabyle).

Furthermore, to match our vision of using all technologies available to us today, we started doing Audiobooks as well. After a new book is translated, it goes to printing and gets recorded by professional voice overs. As of now, we have recorded all of the 41 translated books as Audiobooks and offer them free of charge on our online platforms.

However, books might not be the optimal way to reach all the people nowadays, especially on the digital side. Therefore, we are focused on producing materials designed to be shared on different media platforms. One of the many production projects we have is dubbing Derek’s sermons in various languages and remastering them in terms of quality. We currently have more than 170 episodes (28mins each).

Moreover, we translate the original Radio Programs that Derek Prince recorded and produce it in 3 different forms. The 3 forms are: 1 speaking voice in Arabic, just like the original but in Arabic. There is a Dialogue form as well, presented by 3 voices and the dialogue is built on Derek’s words. And lastly, immediate interpretation of Derek’s sermons (English alongside Arabic).

We also have an Arabic Daily Devotion that covers all 365 days of the year in audio form as well as text form.

Lastly, we started being active on social media in 2016. We added a graphic designer to our team to design new posts on a daily basis that are optimized for our Facebook page and on other platforms such as Instagram. These posts can contain Derek’s teachings, touching excerpts/quotations from the books he authored, and bible verses.

Reaching the people

After all, our main goal is to serve God’s Word to as many people as we can. Without a way to reach people effectively, all the production and effort would be rendered meaningless. We put a lot of effort into diversifying our means of communication with people. We strive to have a strong offline/physical and online presence in our region.

It is no secret that many places in our region do not have reliable access to the more common technologies nowadays, such as the internet. In those countries, radio is still quite common and is considered an effective way to reach the people. Therefore, we started to broadcast the translated radio programs through local Christian radio stations in those regions and find the regions where people are still in need for more content in their language. Derek’s teachings are now broadcasted on a Daily basis over more than 10 radio stations am/fm and online. Those countries also still rely significantly on physical books; thus the translated books effectively share the word. In addition, we also send SDCards that can be used on any electronic device, these SD Cards contain the Bible and Derek’s teachings.

As for the video production, we have 3 Christian Satellite TV Channels broadcasting Derek’s teachings twice a week each. They cover all of the Middle-East and North Africa region.

In other countries however, Social media is the most effective way to communicate with people! Therefore, we established an online presence on various platforms.  

YouTube is a major one, as we have a channel dedicated to Derek’s sermons that we dub and translate. As well as SoundCloud, where we have all the Audiobooks entirely free for anyone to listen to wherever they’re. And of course, Facebook, where we are able to reach the most people as we are able to share all forms of media there. We have had many successful campaigns through Facebook and our page currently has about 130k page likes and follows.

Furthermore, to have it all in one place, we established our Derek Prince Ministries Middle East website and app for iOS and Android, where you can find all of our books in PDF format, as well as all of the materials we produce free of charge.

We thank God for how much He has used us for His glory, as all is not because of our earthly abilities, but rather the power of God resting on us.

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