Jesus identified Himself with us and we are invited to identify ourselves with Him. Explore the profound steps He took to show us.

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20 Part Series

(Chronological order)

You're listening to a top ten Legacy Radio series.
This teaching is from the acclaimed Laying The Foundation series by Derek Prince.
Son of Man
The Suffering Servant
The Divinely Ordained Exchange
From Punishment to Peace (Forgiveness)
From Sin to Righteousness
From Curse to Blessing
From Sickness to Healing
From Poverty to Prosperity
From Rejection to Acceptance
From Death to Life
Buried and Resurrected
Born Again out of Death
As the Father Has Sent Me
A Kingdom of Priests
The Secret Hidden Wisdom
The First Barrier: Ignorance
The Second Barrier: Unbelief
Faith Must Be Confessed
The Romans Recipe
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