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Accepted in the Beloved

You're listening to a Derek Prince Legacy Radio podcast.


Derek finishes this study by using the Word to show that through the finished work of Jesus, we are accepted by God into His family. He leads us in a prayer to receive what God has provided; for guilt you are pronounced not guilty, for shame you have been given His glory, and for rejection you have been accepted. You’re not just tolerated, you’re welcome into His presence and all He has.

Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Rejection


“Then, behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the earth quaked, and the rocks were split.”

That’s the thick curtain that separated the Holy place from the Holy of Holies. And only one man could go through that, the High Priest, only once every year. But when Jesus died on the cross that thick curtain was split in two from the top to the bottom. In other words, it was God’s doing. What did that indicate? That by the death of Jesus on our behalf the way was open for us into the presence of a Holy God. Jesus endured our rejection.

Now in Ephesians 1 in the King James Version we have a wonderful, beautiful account of that, just a brief summary. Ephesians 1 verse 4.

“Just as He chose us in Him [Jesus] before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love, Having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will, To the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He has made us accepted in the Beloved.”

So Jesus endured our rejection that we might have His acceptance. Can you see all the evil came upon Jesus that all the good might be offered to you and me? And it was all resolved by one sacrifice on the cross. By one sacrifice He has perfected forever us who are being sanctified. He never needs to do another thing. It’s all done. All we have to do is appropriate what He has done.

So now I want to give you an opportunity to receive what God has provided through the death of Jesus on the cross. I want those of you who still have a problem with guilt to receive total forgiveness, to receive the verdict of the court of heaven which pronounces you NOT GUILTY.

Those of you who have battled with shame, and I know there are many here tonight, I want you to receive your healing, bearing in mind that on the cross, totally naked, Jesus bore your shame that in place you might share His glory.

And for those of you who have struggled with rejection, I want you to receive you healing tonight bearing in mind that on the cross Jesus was rejected by His Father, the ultimate and cruelest of all rejections, died of a broken heart because He bore our rejection that we might have His, what? Acceptance. That’s right. You see as a child of God you’re not just tolerated. You’re welcome. You don’t have to apologize. You don’t have to make an appointment. You can come anytime and the Father will always welcome you because you come through Jesus.

Now I want to help you if I can and it’s not all that easy but I’ll try my best. If you have any of these three problems or all of them—guilt, shame or rejection—and you want tonight to claim the healing which has been provided for you through the cross, I want to lead you in a prayer, bring you to the cross and then let the cross do its work in you. You receive it by faith. You don’t have to struggle. You don’t have to improve yourself. You don’t have to make yourself good enough. You just have to believe what I’ve been preaching that on the cross Jesus bore your shame, your guilt and your rejection and begin to thank Him. You no longer need to be ashamed. You no longer need to feel guilty. You no longer need to struggle with rejection. Jesus has done it all and you can walk out of this place tonight feeling that a load has been lifted from your shoulders. You can be FREE! FREE! So I want you very simply to say this prayer after me. I don’t have it rehearsed. I’ll pray as I feel led. Will you say these words.

“Lord God, I thank you that you know my problem here tonight. You know what I’m struggling with whether it’s guilt or shame or rejection. I thank you, God, that Your word clearly reveals that on the cross Jesus endured all three. He endured guilt, He endured shame and finally He endured rejection that I might be delivered. That I might be free from guilt. That I might be free from shame. That I might be free from rejection. That instead of feeling rejected I can know I’m accepted by God, My Father. I belong to God. I belong to the best family in the universe. I have nothing to apologize for. I don’t need to be ashamed. I don’t need to be second class. God has no second class children and I’m one of them. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Father. Thank you.”

Now as you stand there after that prayer, I’m going to pray for the Holy Spirit to minister to you all that you’ve prayed for.

“Heavenly Father, we thank You tonight for Your love and Your mercy and Your faithfulness. That on the cross You permitted Jesus to endure those agonies of guilt, of shame and rejection that we might be delivered, that we might be set free, that we might know that we are no longer guilty, we no longer have any need to be ashamed, we are no longer rejected. We’re children of God. We belong to the best family in the universe. Father, let this truth penetrate now into the hearts and the minds of those who are standing before You. In Jesus name receive your release.”

And thank God for it now. Begin to thank Him. That’s the purest expression of faith it just thanking Him. You can’t do any more. You can’t earn it, you can’t deserve it, but you can thank Him for it. Just take plenty of time to thank Him here tonight. Thank you, Lord, thank you.

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