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Word From The Word

By Derek Prince

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Concise two-minute Bible teaching from the Derek Prince Word From The Word devotional series.


This is Derek Prince with a word for you from the Word. Wisdom is speaking:

“I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me.” (Proverbs 8:17, NIV)

If you determine to seek wisdom, you will find her. She will not hide from you. She sets her conditions, but she is willing to be found. Then she continues speaking:

“With me are riches and honor, enduring wealth and prosperity. My fruit is better than fine gold; what I yield surpasses choice silver.” (Proverbs 8:18-19, NIV)

The blessings that come with wisdom cannot be estimated. And then wisdom describes the way to walk:

“I walk in the ways of righteousness, along the paths of justice, bestowing wealth on those who love me and make their treasuries full.” (Proverbs 8:20-21, NIV)

I believe the real important condition there to inheriting those blessings and enjoying them is to love wisdom. Love is a strong word. Love means putting wisdom first. It means devoting time to wisdom. It means sacrificing other things to achieve wisdom, but the reward is so great.

The fruit of wisdom is better than fine gold. What wisdom yields surpasses choice silver. Riches and honor, enduring wealth and prosperity. If our heart attitude toward wisdom is right, then all these will be the outcome of that relationship.

Make your mind up that you are going to love wisdom. I would say it is right to love wisdom passionately. I believe that many times, as Christians, we are too tepid, we are too lukewarm. We need to have a passionate love of wisdom.

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