'Atonement' is a compilation book of multiple Derek Prince titles.
'Atonement' is the revised edition of
 'Bought with Blood'.
'Atonement' is the abridged version of
 'Bought with Blood'
'Atonement' is the original book title.
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The Cross



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At the cross Christ made possible a 'divine exchange' for everyone who believes in him. What is this exchange? Because Jesus endured all the evil due to humankind, believers can actually partake in all the good due to him.  In this provocative, Scripture-rich book, acclaimed author Derek Prince explores the nine 'divine exchanges' of the atonement.

In place of punishment, wounding, death, poverty, shame and rejection, Christ freely offers forgiveness, healing, life, abundance, glory and acceptance.

In addition, Prince gives biblical grounding for five areas of deliverance that Jesus makes available through the cross: deliverance from this present evil age, from law, from self, from the flesh and from the world.

Because it is not enough simply to know about the atonement, Prince presents the means by which you can make it true in your personal experience: repentance, faith and a relationship with the Holy Spirit. This new edition of a life-changing book includes a mini-study course at the end of each chapter, perfect for individual or small group study.

The study guide at the end of each chapter makes this a perfect book for small group study.


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"Derek Prince has a unique ability to express the Christian principles clearly so that all can understand them. The subject of the Cross is the most important of those and fundamental to a full Christian belief and life. Through the Cross, we can operate with God in our daily lives. This book makes that essential aspect transparent."
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"Derek Prince was very practical in his teachings and this book is just like that. It shows you what is expected of us according to the word and how to do it. I will read again, there is so much food in it."
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"This book is an excellent study of the divine exchange at the cross. It is well written and easy to understand. This book is a must-read for all who want to go deeper into the things of the Lord. I highly recommend it."

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