Does Your Tongue Need Healing?

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What Did You Say?



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Your words shape your life, but it's so hard to keep your tongue under control. This book offers biblical steps so that your words will be spoken for God's glory and your blessing!

Words shape your destiny! The Bible declares that death and life are found in the power of the tongue. Every Christian knows it is imperative to keep the tongue under control but, sooner or later, finds that he cannot do so himself.

Derek Prince provides clear, biblical principles to discipline the tongue; the steps needed for healing, the importance of confession, and more.


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"This is a very good instructional book that teaches on the subject of the tongue. It’s very well written with an in-depth perspective supported by scriptures. It highlights the roots cause of all human problems/conflicts...The author provides the reader clear biblical steps to discipline the tongue."
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"An outstanding must-read for those who want to grow in Christ! Easy to understand. Teaching on how to apply Biblical principles in daily life."
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"Interesting title, and equally interesting content-wise, will get you rethinking how much you control what comes out of your mouth, and the possible consequences of not doing so (e.g. what you say can end up sticking to/cursing you without you realising it - with biblical references)."

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“Every one of us has seven openings in our head, the number in Scripture which often denotes completeness. We have three pairs of openings: two eyes, two ears, and two nostrils. But the Creator restricted the seventh opening to one, the mouth. I have often asked people, ‘How many of you wish you had more than one mouth?’ But I have never met anyone who did. Most of us have all we can do to use one mouth properly. This one opening causes us more problems than all the other six together!”

Derek Prince

Does Your Tongue Need Healing?
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