What Did You Say?

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Does Your Tongue Need Healing?



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The Bible tells us "life and death are in the power of the tongue." What we say - and how we say it - does matter.

Learn how to control your tongue and use it to bless others.


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"Excellent book. Very informative encouraging. I would recommend every Christian read it."
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"I am an avid reader of anything written by Derek Prince. This book is well worth the money and time invested in reading it. Although Derek Prince was an intellectual giant, his insight into spiritual matters is presented in a straightforward manner. The topic is simple, yet deep. We do matter to God. He really is concerned about every facet of our lives and wants us to know this."
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"I am humbled to know... not think... to KNOW my God paid such a high price for me. I studied under Derek Prince in the late 70's. I never got to meet him personally, but I have sat and listened and was fed abundantly by this beautiful brother. Derek does not sugar coat anything pertaining to God's Word. It is YES & AMEN! I know in my Spirit that anyone seeking the Lord with their whole hearts, souls & minds will meet Him face to face. This book, taken literally will uplift, build your faith, and restore those things that Satan and religious rules have lied and cheated you out of."

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“Every one of us has seven openings in our head, the number in Scripture which often denotes completeness. We have three pairs of openings: two eyes, two ears, and two nostrils. But the Creator restricted the seventh opening to one, the mouth. I have often asked people, ‘How many of you wish you had more than one mouth?’ But I have never met anyone who did. Most of us have all we can do to use one mouth properly. This one opening causes us more problems than all the other six together!”

Derek Prince

What Did You Say?
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