Explaining Blessings and Curses

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Spiritual Warfare



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Have you ever felt as though you were fighting a force you could not understand?

The Bible gives many accounts of people benefiting from blessings or suffering from curses. In fact, entire nations were affected by the positive or negative words of angels, prophets or kings. Just as blessings assured peace or prosperity, so curses inflicted physical suffering or financial disaster.

But what about today? Do words spoken as a blessing or curse have any power over us? Renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince believes they do.

In this book you will learn how to identify whether a curse is operating in your life, your family or your church. You will come to understand the power of your own words, as well as the words of others. And you will learn how to be released from a curse that may be affecting your life.


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"An epic revelation of the role that our words and the power of words plays in our spiritual walk with God and those around us. A must for every Christian! Derek Prince uses stories, practical advice, and encouragement for those who may be living under a curse from their family or someone who spoke harmful words over them and had a bad experience afterwards. Prepare for revelation and your mind to be blown!"
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"What I loved about this book is how it clearly states what blessings and curses are according to the Word of God."
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"Awesome book! Lots of Bible scripture reference and real-life accounts from Derek Prince's ministry through the years."

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“Both blessings and curses are usually expressed in words—either spoken words or written words. But those words are not ordinary words, they are words charged with supernatural power. The power may be the power of God or it may be the power of Satan.”

Derek Prince

Explaining Blessings and Curses
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