From Bitterness To Joy

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Life’s Bitter Pool



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Christian Living




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Discovering bitter water at Marah was a devastating experience for the Israelites after their deliverance from Egypt. They were totally unprepared for it.

We may have bitter experiences too - disillusionment, business failure, broken relationships, a health breakdown etc. God will often use these to test and strengthen us.

Derek explains God's purposes in testing and how to respond. Complaining will produce nothing; persevering in faith will bring deeper revelation of Himself. By responding in the right way we will discover that man's disappointments are often God's appointments.


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"Life is full of opportunities to become bitter or better. Derek Prince puts a new perspective on the challenges we face in life and why they might exist at all. And most important, how we should respond to them."
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"A remarkably simple, yet profound teaching from the prince of Bible teachers."
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"This is an excellent little book about learning to accept and deal with life's difficulties in a biblical light. I have read the book and ordered two more to give one as a gift and to use the other to share with others. I highly recommend it and all Derek Prince's books which have been a great blessing to me."

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“Let me tell you this: the Bible has nothing good anywhere to say about grumbling. Grumbling is a way, not to solve your problems, but to magnify them. You will never find the way out of your problems by grumbling. If, when you come under pressure, you begin to grumble, then you are like the Israelites. There is an area in your character that needs to be dealt with. God knew that area was there all along, but He had to let you come to the bitter pool so that you could find out what was really inside you.”

Derek Prince

From Bitterness To Joy
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