God’s Remedy For Rejection

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Rejection is an all too common experience, but it can cause permanent spiritual wounds. Discover how to apply God's remedy for rejection to your heart!

Author Derek Prince shows how rejection is the root of many problems, such as substance abuse, difficulty with relationships, rebellion and depression. In our society, millions of people have experienced rejection as a result of...

  • Divorce                                                
  • Child abuse
  • Parental neglect
  • Unwanted pregnancy
  • Lack of parental affection    
  • Poverty
  • Abandonment
  • Public humiliation
  • Failure at school or work

God has made a way to heal your wounds of rejection and bring you into acceptance with Himself and the whole family of God. Discover how to apply God's Remedy for Rejection to your heart and you can leave the effect of rejection behind permanently.


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"This book is fabulous! I have been researching the roots of rejection in my own life and this book addresses them all. Derek Prince not only educates you about rejection, he clearly helps you to overcome and eliminate the rejection in your life - whether past or present."
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"A very helpful book! Derek Prince has written a number of excellent books, and if you have ever experienced rejection or abandonment this book supports a reorientation of heart, mind, and spirit. Uplifting and accurate."
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"I thoroughly love learning how to live as a victor in Christ Jesus and putting rejection under my feet. I now know and believe in the healing power of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. I used to make excuses and blame my behavior on others... but the truth has set me free."

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“A child can never truly be satisfied, fulfilled, or secure without parental love, particularly love from a father.”

Derek Prince

God’s Remedy For Rejection
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