Foundational Truths for Christian Living

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The Spirit-Filled Believer’s Handbook


Foundations for Righteous Living


Foundations for Life; Foundation Series

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Spiritual Growth



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This book gives you everything you need to develop a strong, balanced, spirit-filled life.

Drawing on five decades of Scripture-based teaching and study of the original Greek and Hebrew, Derek Prince clearly explains the foundations of the Christian faith; salvation; baptism, the Holy Spirit, laying on hands, the believers' resurrection and eternal judgment.

Foundational Truths For Christian Living features the complete Laying The Foundation series of Bible teachings by Derek Prince.


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"This book is an absolute masterpiece. I fully intend to read it again right away and will make plans to read it once every year. I have not found a better teaching resource on sound biblical doctrine, and I highly doubt there is anything out there to rival Prince's greatest work."
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"It is the most in-depth textbook, on faith foundation, I have ever read."
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"I’ve read several books by Derek Prince, and all are worth their weight in gold. There are lots of videos of his teachings on youtube if you aren’t familiar with him. In my opinion Prince’s gift was the ability to explain the Bible to us. This book would definitely be in my desert island top 5 books. Obviously, along with the Bible."

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“For fifty years I have been teaching, counselling and praying for Christians from a multitude of national and denominational backgrounds. The problems in their lives have been as varied as their backgrounds, but underneath them all, I have continually discerned one basic deficiency: They have never laid a sound doctrinal foundation. Consequently, they have never been able to build a stable, successful Christian life.”

Derek Prince

Foundational Truths for Christian Living
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