Pride Versus Humility

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There are universal spiritual laws that govern the success of our lives and Pride Versus Humility explores one of those laws that is often overlooked.

“Whoever exalts himself will be humbled and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.” (Matthew 23:12)

With candor and biblical force, Derek Prince confronts central issues concerning pride and humility. As always, what he shares is not only insightful but also immensely practical.

Ranging from the vital role of humility as we draw closer to God, to the absolute necessity for humility in any position of leadership, to the indispensable role of humility in our relationship with others, the contents of this book can have a life-changing impact on you as you learn the hazards of pride and discover God's perfect pattern for humility.


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"This book takes you through the difference between price and humility step by step. It shows what the bible says about each one and how God views each attitude. It shows how we can personally overcome pride and approach God and fellow believers in humility. A very good book indeed, as always Derek Prince gives a practical approach to this subject, not just the theory, and challenges us to live a life of humility and reject pride."
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"Derek Prince has the ability to take a complex subject and break it down so that anyone can understand it. If you struggle with pride this book will save you years of heartache. If you know of anyone who is failing in life because of pride this book is for them. God exalts the humble."
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"This was an amazing study of humility defined by what God says is the essence of humility, not man. Some good in depth information and I learned a lot. Great book."

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“As a matter of fact, we really do not ‘break’ God’s laws—whether they are physical or spiritual. If we go against them, they actually break us.”

Derek Prince

Pride Versus Humility
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