Christmas Lessons From Mary

Daily Devotional

Delve into the heart of the Christmas message and explore the profound significance of Jesus' birth and its impact on humanity. In this insightful journey, Derek Prince reveals the remarkable trust that God placed in Mary, the chosen vessel for the miraculous conception of Jesus. Through Mary's unwavering faith and humble acceptance of God's will, we discover the power of God's promises and the importance of aligning our lives with His Word.

This devotional also highlights the dynamic relationship between the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. By engaging with God's Word, we can unleash the Holy Spirit's power in our lives, confirming and manifesting God's promises. Additionally, it emphasizes the significance of treasuring God's Word in our hearts and embracing humility, as exemplified by Mary. As we meditate on the Christmas story and its profound message, may we emulate Mary's obedient and faithful spirit, trusting in God's perfect ways, treasuring His Word, and surrendering wholeheartedly to His will.

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6-Day Devotional

A special Christmas devotional by Derek Prince


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Derek Prince

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