Daily Devotionals

Select from a range of daily devotionals by Derek Prince to enrich your faith and draw you into a closer relationship with God.

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A woman looking at the horizon over the ocean while praying to God

Declaring God’s Word

Refocus and refresh your faith with our 365-day devotional by Derek Prince. Available free to read or relax and listen.

A woman reading her Bible


Set a firm foundation for faith with this 358-day devotional exploring the essential principles for sound Christian living.

An aerial image of the ocean and a jet ski doing a circle pattern in the water.

Faith To Live By

Embark on a journey of faith and experience the fullness of a Christian life with this 23-day devotional series.

A cityscape

Praying For The Government

Witness the real-world impacts of praying for the government with this 14-day devotional.

A beautiful landscape image of fields and a house in the distance

Think About This

A thought-provoking series of 260 daily devotionals offering profound biblical wisdom in small bitesize portions.

Friends hug, support and pray for each other at a chruch service

The Love Of God

Let your heart be healed, renewed, and transformed by the unwavering love of God with this 35-day devotional.

A silhouette of Jesus with a crown of thorns.

The Resurrection

Gain fresh insight into the profound impact of Jesus' resurrection on the world with this illuminating 10-day devotional.

A woman in a field with hands outstretched, praising God.

Agreeing With God

Unlock the fullness of joy and deepen your relationship with God through this 40-day devotional by Derek Prince.

A lone figure walking at sunset

How To Find God’s Plan For Your Life

Experience a newfound sense of fulfillment and discover your unique God-given calling with this 16-day devotional.

A woman praying in a crowd at church

Does Your Tongue Need Healing?

Words are powerful and can shape your destiny. Learn how to heal and discipline your tongue with this 35-day devotional.

A street at night

I Will Shake All Things

Enlarge your understanding of God's power and authority with this special 31-day devotional by Derek Prince.

A beautiful sunset over the sea

Word From The Word

Narrated by Derek Prince, watch two-minute devotionals featuring stirring original footage from across Israel.

What is a daily devotional?

A daily devotional is a brief, inspiring reflection designed to strengthen your faith and draw you closer to God. It typically consists of a Bible passage, an insightful teaching, and a moment for personal prayer and contemplation. By engaging with a daily devotional, you are reminded of what is truly important in life and encouraged to maintain a strong connection with God.

Incorporating a daily devotional into your routine offers a wealth of benefits. For example, it promotes spiritual growth by enriching your understanding of the Bible and applying its teachings to your daily life. Moreover, engaging with a daily devotional can help you stay grounded, maintain perspective, and cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Daily Devotionals by Derek Prince

We warmly invite you to set aside a few minutes each day for quiet contemplation and prayer with a daily devotional by Derek Prince. This practice serves as an unwavering reminder of God's love, grace, and presence in your life. As you embark on this spiritual journey, you will find that each devotional serves as a guiding light, illuminating your path towards a deeper understanding of the Bible and your personal relationship with God.

Through these daily devotionals, you are offered the opportunity to equip your faith, receive guidance from the Holy Spirit, and find peace in the midst of life's challenges. Embrace this transformative practice today and witness the profound impact it can make on your daily walk with Jesus.

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