Medical Mission Brings Christ's Light to Lebanon

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A team from Derek Prince Ministries (DPM) recently journeyed to Lebanon, extending a hand of hope and healing to Syrian refugees amidst ongoing global crises. This April's mission combined medical expertise and spiritual care in a powerful outreach that touched many lives.

The team included a pediatrician, an endocrinologist originally from Syria, and two dentists, all united by a common goal under the banner of Derek Prince Ministries—to address the physical and spiritual needs of displaced Syrian communities. Their approach was hands-on and heartfelt, treating illnesses while sharing the comforting message of Christ’s love.

Each encounter was filled with genuine kindness and a strong desire to connect. Not only did they offer medical care in the clinic, but they also made personal visits to refugee homes—simple settings often comprising just tents.

They didn’t just provide vital health services but also fed them spiritually, handing out simple digital devices, loaded with Christian teachings and films.

The outreach made a significant impact: 150 children received paediatric care, 151 people were treated for endocrine issues, and 108 received dental care, including much-needed procedures like root canals, thanks to new equipment funded by generous DPM donors.

This mission was definitely about more than providing vital healthcare.

Each evening, the team and refugees gathered for meals, fellowship and prayer, praise and sharing the Word of God. These moments of fellowship around campfires became an opportunity for our team and the refugees truly live as one body in Christ. The hope, encouragement and joy that resulted was amazing!

The mission faced its share of challenges, especially with the regional tensions leading to canceled flights and extremely unpredictable situations.

This incredible Middle East outreach into Lebanon highlights just one part of Derek Prince Ministries' broader mission to reach the unreached and teach the untaught across the world. And the team are so grateful for the prayer and support of our DPM family.

Supporting these efforts means joining in a global movement that is shining the light of Jesus Christ into some of the darkest corners of the globe - where the harvest is plentiful, and the workers are as dedicated as ever.

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