The Need For Victory In India

Elsie Daniel
Director, Derek Prince Ministries India
Elsie Daniel
Director, Derek Prince Ministries India
Elsie Daniel
Director, Derek Prince Ministries India
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This report from our missions in India, Sri Lanka, and the Andaman Islands is one of great warfare, but also one of great victory. The testimonies we share in this letter reflect the reality of what it means to follow and serve Christ in this part of the world.

Imagine what it is like as you work to lead others towards salvation while grappling with personal challenges of your own—some that even require deliverance. This is the reality for many of the pastors and young people we assist. Their struggle puts them at a special disadvantage when ministering to others in need of deliverance.

We have seen firsthand the difference our support can make in their lives and communities. Through the help you provide, we have been able to encourage them. You are a vital part of their victory, because you have enabled us to bring life and light to those in the darkest of places.

Equipping Pastors for Victory

One such pastor (whom I will refer to as “Pastor T”) is an example of the transformative impact we and our DPM-India team have witnessed during our ministry engagements. Pastor T, a longtime missionary in the Andaman Islands, was initially unaware of the crucial role spiritual warfare played in his life and ministry.

He had dedicated his entire adult life to bringing salvation and freedom to the Andaman people—but he experienced a profound awakening during our training.

“The teaching of the DPM-India team was transformative, liberating me from guilt and equipping me to engage in spiritual warfare against the forces of darkness that had opposed me.”

The type of victory Pastor T experienced also took place among pastors in the many rural regions of India where we have held conferences. The same transformation came to leaders we met with in Sri Lanka, underscoring the life-changing impact of the ministry of DPM-India.

DPM Pastors' Seminar, Andaman Islands

Your amazing generosity has been a vital force for transformation in the lives of the people of the Indian Subcontinent. Thank you for partnering with DPM-India. You have helped us minister to pastors and leaders in all these areas, allowing us to place Derek Prince’s desperately needed teaching and messages directly into their hands. The materials we provide for them, including Derek’s books and SD cards, serve as lifelines for these leaders and the communities they serve.

Training Young Leaders

Amidst all the challenges of this pastoral ministry, we and our DPM-India team have identified another critical need: training for the upcoming generation. Young Christians who have spent their entire lives in these rural areas and on these islands have been largely overlooked, with the predominant focus on pastors in more accessible, populated regions.

The urgency of this training task cannot be overstated. These young leaders hold the future of the church in their hands. With proper guidance and training, they can become sturdy pillars, spreading the light of Christ throughout their communities.

Additionally, in Sri Lanka, where economic crises and pandemics have sown seeds of hopelessness among the youth, the need for empowerment of the next generation is most crucial. We must act on this urgent mandate to impart vision and knowledge to young people. But we cannot do it alone.

Today, we humbly ask for your support. Would you consider partnering with us in bringing even greater transformation? Your financial support, no matter the amount, will make a tangible difference in the lives of these pastors and young people. You can donate securely online at below.

  • Empower a Pastor: Your generous contribution of $70 will enable a pastor to attend a Derek Prince Ministries conference. Your support goes beyond financial aid—it also provides biblical resources necessary to spread the hope of God within their communities. If you wish to extend your generosity, $950 fully funds an entire seminar.
  • Youth Training Camp: Your gift of $150 can change the trajectory of a young leader’s life. It will sponsor attendance at our youth camp—not merely a donation, but an investment in the kingdom of God. You will be planting seeds of spiritual resilience and leadership in the fertile heart of a young leader from India.
  • Resources: A donation of $250 helps us translate and distribute Derek Prince’s teachings. The primary book we are distributing to pastors is the six-book compilation, Life Changing Spiritual Power. Additionally, we hope to print materials such as Hear God’s Voice and the 10-part Laying the Foundation series in Tamil, Hindi, and Sinhala.

We ask you to please consider joining us in these significant undertakings. Would you provide a portion of the financial support needed for DPM-India to reach and teach these embattled areas of the Indian Subcontinent?

May the Lord bless you abundantly as you join us in bringing hope and healing to these marginalized communities of the kingdom of God.

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