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God’s Challenge to a New Generation

You're watching a top ten sermon by Derek Prince.

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Be encouraged and inspired with this Bible-based sermon by Derek Prince.

Be encouraged and inspired with this Bible-based sermon by Derek Prince.

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Youth’s Place & Problems in the End Time

It’s a real privilege to speak to a group of young people like this. I have said in many places and I’ll say it to you, I believe that a special generation is coming forth in the world, in the United States and elsewhere. I believe that you people who are here this afternoon are representatives of that generation. Jesus spoke in the gospels, in His prophecies, about a certain generation. He said, “This generation shall not pass till all be fulfilled.” And, He gave various signs and indications of a certain generation at the close of the present age. I believe we’re living in this generation. I believe you’re representatives of it and I believe you have tremendous challenges, privileges and opportunities afforded to you.

But, at the same time, you have tremendous pressures of evil against you such as no previous generation of young people has ever had. In Acts 2:17 you’ll find God’s purpose for this closing generation. Acts 2:17:

It shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and your daughters shall prophecy, your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams.

This is the last days and we are here, this camp exists because God is pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh. All flesh means every section of the human race, every denomination and every nation. But if you look at that verse you’ll see that the special emphasis is upon the young people. It talks about four groups: sons, daughters, young men, old men. And, of those four groups, three are the young: your sons, your daughters, your young men.

There is a tremendous move of the Spirit of God which is bringing groups such as this together. But, at the same time, there is also a tremendous move of God’s enemy and our enemy, the devil. We are living in days when it is almost impossible to avoid coming under the power of some spirit. The only choice we are faced with is which spirit is going to control us? Is it going to be the Spirit of God (the Holy Spirit) or are we going to open up to the spirits that come from Satan. I believe that before this age closes there will hardly be anybody in the earth who is not controlled and motivated either by the Holy Spirit or by the spirits of Satan (evil spirits, demons).

There’s a passage in 2Timothy that we could look at for a few moments. 2Timothy 3, beginning at the first verse and reading a few verses:

This know also, that in the last days...

And that again is the same period that we’re talking about.

...perilous [or dangerous] times shall come.

So we are warned that we are living in perilous or dangerous days.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents...

Does that sound familiar to any of you?

...unthankful and unholy...

Notice three things that go together: being disobedient to parents, being unthankful and being unholy. They’re closely connected.

...without natural affection...

Parents will no longer love their children, children will no longer acknowledge their parents, brothers and sisters will quarrel and hate one another, wives and husbands will break up and almost be as though they’d never known one another. That’s without natural affection.

...truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent [without any kind of control over themselves], fierce, despisers of those that are good...

How many of you know that in some high schools in other places if you stand for Jesus Christ you’re despised by the people of Satan. Despisers of those that are good.

...traitors, heady, high minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.

There’s going to be a breakdown of human character, of moral standards at the close of this age. They’re going to be acting as if anything goes, anything’s permitted. They’ll throw off restraints and authority and self-control. Isn’t this true? Isn’t this exactly what we’re seeing in modern America? Isn’t it an exact description?

Did you notice it begins and ends with a love of things? Love of pleasure, love of money and love of self. I doubt whether there ever was an age when people so much loved pleasure, loved money and loved self as they do today.

Then read on just a little bit in the same chapter of 2Timothy, chapter 3. It says in verse 13:

Evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.

Now where we have in the King James Version seducers, the Greek word is magicians. It’s people who deliberately practice supernatural, satanic arts: magic, fortune telling, Ouija board, all these things. That’s what’s covered by the word magician.

So, at the close of this age certain things are going to happen. God is going to pour out His Holy Spirit, especially upon the young people. But, at the same time, there’s going to come a tremendous breakdown of moral and ethical standards of law and order, standards of discipline and decency and obedience to parents and home life. Satan is going to move in with supernatural power to captivate the minds of young men and women and girls and boys.

Now, all these things are happening all around you. Am I right? Just let me know if I’m telling you the truth. Is that the way it is? Exactly. And now I’m over 50 years old and I was not too good when I was a young boy. I never knew about Jesus being a Savior until I was twenty-five years old. I went through school, college and university without any knowledge of salvation. I was wild, undisciplined, self pleasing, lawless—I don’t need to go into it all. But, many of the evils which confront you never confronted me. I was never confronted by drugs. Many forms of magic and black arts that are familiar to you never came my way. I was as bad as anybody needs to be but I did not face the problems that most of you face almost every day because this is a special age. And because it’s a special age God is sending special help by the Holy Spirit. And in this age you and I are confronted with the decision, “Are we going to serve God? Are we going to yield to the Holy Spirit? Are we going to be filled with the Holy Spirit and do the will of God and lead lives that are pure and clean and honor Jesus Christ? Or, are we going to yield to the forces of Satan and let Satan invade our lives and take us over by his deceptions and his evil power and his evil practices?” That’s the decision. Neutrality is ruled out. Jesus said, “He that is not with me is against me.” He also said right at the end of the book of Revelation—maybe we could look at that for a moment. Revelation 22:10–12. The last chapter.

He said unto me, “Seal not the sayings and the prophecies of this book, for the time is at hand...”

Speaking about a special time. This is the time.

“...He that is unjust or unrighteous, let him be unrighteous still...”

But it’s better translated “let him be still more unrighteous.”

“...he which is filthy, let him be still more filthy; he that is righteous, let him be still more righteous; he that is holy, let him be still more holy. Behold, I come quickly.”

This is the time immediately before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and He says, “Make up your mind. If you’re going to live in sin, live it up. If you’re going to be filthy, go on and be still more filthy because you don’t have long. But if you’re going to be righteous, be still more righteous; if you’re going to be holy, be still more holy.” It’s the parting of the ways. Everybody has got to go one way or the other.

Now, when Satan seeks to move into the lives of young people and take them over, he works through the inward corruption of our own nature which is called sin. He exploits the things in us that are evil, the bad desires, the bad tendencies, the weaknesses. But, he has one particular type of agent that he uses to take us over, enslave us and destroy us. That agent is called in the scripture a demon or an evil spirit. The whole of the New Testament indicates very clearly that we are brought face to face with the power of demons or evil spirits, and that we are going to succumb to them, be deceived by them and be taken over by them unless we come to understand who they are and how they work and how to get free from them and how to resist them and overcome them.

Now, the Bible tells us that we can be free from the dominion of evil spirits, that we can overcome evil spirits, that we can cast them out of ourselves and cast them out of other people. But, in order to do this we need to know the way evil spirits operate.

The Lord has lead me into this ministry quite extensively in the last eight years. I have counseled and prayed with hundreds of people who have problems with evil spirits. I have discovered that in most cases their problems began in childhood, very early in life. And so it seems to me reasonable that we should try to help people while they’re still young and before they’ve been under this power and dominion and suffer these problems so many years of their lives.

I discovered that there are certain things which open children and young people up to the attack of evil spirits. The first and the greatest thing is this, if there is disharmony in a home between the parents—if father and mother do not agree, do not live in harmony, if they quarrel, and even more, if they break up and get divorced, that creates an atmosphere in that home which opens up those children to the attack of evil spirits. Most children do not have sufficient defense to keep those evil spirits out. The majority of people that I pray with for deliverance who are adults I find that the spirit entered when they were children and they entered in most cases because there was disharmony, strife, bitterness, quarreling and arguments, sometimes unfaithfulness and divorce between their parents.

Now, many of you that are here this afternoon have some kind of home background like that. It may be a professing Christian home. Your parents may have called themselves Baptists or Episcopalians. It doesn’t matter what religion they call themselves, the question is do they love one another? Is there harmony, is there unity, is there peace? If not, the Bible says where envy and strife are there is confusion and every evil work. That’s what opens up children to the attack of evil spirits.

You might say, “Well, it isn’t fair if I get exposed to these evil spirits because my parents don’t know how to run the home.” It isn’t fair but then the devil isn’t fair. Don’t expect the devil to be fair because he isn’t.

I have discovered that one of the commonest sources of problems in young people is that they come to a place where they resent their parents. One or both. I want to be very honest with you, in many cases children such as you or young people such as you have good reasons to resent your parents. Your parents have not treated you always the way they should. One of the great problems that children have with their father is that the father never gave enough time to the family. He was too busy making money or becoming the president of a bank or at the country club or at the golf course, and his children—particularly his sons—never had enough time with him. That is the fault of your father.

There are also those who have trouble with their mother. Sometimes their mother doesn’t take any interest or at other times she tries to run, dominate and control your life. Either way you tend to react by resenting your mother or your father or both.

After resentment the next thing that comes is hatred, you actually begin to hate one or both of your parents. And after hatred the next one that comes is rebellion and you turn against your parents, you turn against their authority and their discipline. After a while it goes beyond your parents, you turn against the church, you turn against the school authorities, you turn against the government, you turn against God Himself and you become a rebel. This is a pattern of behavior that is found in the lives of countless thousands of young people in the United States: resentment, hatred, rebellion.

All these things are demons. There’s a demon of resentment, a demon of hatred and a demon of rebellion. If you open up to these things, sooner or later those spirits will enter into you and take control over you.

Now, if you want to be free you have to undo the things that opened up the way. You have to repent of the wrong attitude towards your parents. And, in most cases, you have to forgive your father or mother or both. The Bible says honor thy father and mother, which is the first commandment with promise, that it may be well with thee. And it never will be well with you if you do not honor your father and mother. You can go through all of life trying to be a success, trying to find happiness, trying to find fulfillment, but you will never find it if you have a wrong attitude to either or both of your parents.

This is a law of God, I didn’t make it and I can’t change it—nor can you. The only thing we can do about the laws of God is submit to them and obey them.

There are many of you who do not have true, inward peace because of a wrong attitude towards your parents. I am being very frank with you, your parents may be in the wrong. Your father may be an alcoholic but he is still your father. You do not honor him as an alcoholic but you honor him as your father. And if he has been unkind or unreasonable, if he’s provoked you, if he’s misunderstood you, there’s one thing you have to do in order to get true peace. It is forgive your father. Forgive your mother. Sometimes your elder brother, your elder sister.

Let me tell you two true stories that illustrate this. A young man came to me about six years ago. He had been saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit and he was planning to marry a girl of his own age who was a Pentecostal girl who was also baptized in the Spirit. But, he had this problem. Now when I tell people this they always laugh and you’re free to laugh but at the same time it’s a real and a serious problem. At times, though he loved this girl and really wanted to marry her he would get so angry with her that he would almost throttle her. So, he went to a psychiatrist and after a while I happened to come along and he came to me. He started to tell me about his problems and he told me about fixations. When I heard the word fixation I said, “You’ve been to a psychiatrist, haven’t you?” He said, “Yes, I have.” “Well,” I said, “I’m not saying the psychiatrist is wrong but I’m telling you that I deal with things in a different way. The psychiatrist talks about a fixation, I talk about a demon. You can decide do you want it the psychiatrist’s way or do you want it my way.” He said, “I want it your way.” “Well,” I said, “in that case you’ll have to take the steps that are necessary to get these evil spirits out of your life.” I said to him, “Did you have an unhappy home?” He said yes. I said, “Was your father against your mother?” He said yes. I said, “Whose side were you on?” He said, “My mother’s side.” I said, “Was your father sometimes unkind and brutal to you?” He said yes. “Well,” I said, “one thing I’ll tell you if you want to be free you’ll have to forgive your father.” He said, “My father is dead.” I said, “It makes no matter whether your father is dead or alive, it’s not for your father’s sake, it’s for your sake because until you forgive your father there’s something tied inside you that no one can ever untie.” So I instructed him a little bit more and led him in a prayer, and in this prayer I led him as you’ve probably heard and I will be doing a prayer like this later in this service, I led him to confess his faith in Jesus Christ, received the forgiveness of his sins and then claimed deliverance.

Now, I meant to make him say in the prayer, “I forgive my father,” but I forgot. So, when I got to the end of the prayer, without my saying anything, spontaneously he himself said, “And I forgive my father.” Then I knew that he really was in earnest. I put my hand on him, prayed for him, two fixations left him, resentment and hatred. But, they would have never left until he forgave his father.

Another case, I was preaching in a Pentecostal church and at the end of the service about thirty people stayed for different needs and prayer. There was one teenage girl who looked about as miserable as I’ve ever seen a teenage girl look. I’ve brought up nine girls so I know something about teenage girls. I went up to her and I said, “What’s the matter with you?” She said, “It’s my sister.” I said, “What’s wrong with your sister?” She said, “She’s so mean to me. She makes life wretched for me.” I said, “Is your sister older than you or younger?” She said, “She’s one year older, she’s nineteen.” I said, “Are you willing to forgive your sister? She kind of looked at me and didn’t answer. I thought I’d use a little wisdom and I don’t have too much of that but I used what I had. I tried to paint out for her what an intelligent girl she was, how pretty she was, what a good life she could have. When I got her really listening to that—and most girls will listen to that—I said, “It would be a pity to let your sister spoil all that for you, wouldn’t it?” She said yes. I said, “Would you like to say a prayer after me?” She said yes so I thought I’ll get her praying and then I’ll slip in the important words. I began a kind of good, general prayer and when she was saying each sentence after me I slipped in “And I forgive my sister.” She said after me, “And I forgive,” and she couldn’t say another word. The Spirit of God fell upon her, she broke up, things turned loose inside her, she was completely set free. About fifteen minutes later she went out of that church looking the happiest teenage girl I’ve seen for a long while. See, it all happened when she said sincerely, “I forgive.” She didn’t even have time to say my sister.

So, here is one major cause of young people’s problems. It’s resentment, followed by hatred, followed up by rebellion. And it’s usually against your parents or a brother or a sister. Sometimes it may be a schoolteacher or an aunt or a grandmother, but it’s in that range. And if you want help this afternoon, if you want real liberty, real peace, you’re going to have to forgive that person or those persons.

Now, many people say to me, “Brother Prince, I don’t feel I can forgive.” My answer is you don’t have to feel it, you have to will it. Forgiveness is not a feeling, it’s a decision. You can make that decision when the Holy Spirit is prompting you to do so. It’s like tearing up an IOU. Suppose I’ve borrowed $10,000 from Dr. Davis down there, who is a friend of mine. I don’t know whether he could lend me $10,000. But suppose I have and I’ve given him my IOU for $10,000. So there he is, we’re sitting together, he’s got my IOU in his hand. It says, “I owe you $10,000. Derek Prince.” Dr. Davis says to me, “Brother Prince, I really esteem you, you’re a wonderful brother in the Lord.” I think so what. He says, “Brother Prince, I’m praying for you.” I still think so what. “Brother Prince, I love you.” I think so what. “Brother Prince, I know you didn’t mean to get into debt. I know you couldn’t help it.” I still think so what. Do you know what I’m waiting for? I’m waiting to see what he’ll do with the IOU. He doesn’t have to say anything, the moment he tears that up I’m free. All his words are not so important as what he does with the IOU.

Well, forgiveness is tearing up the IOU. Now, I will acknowledge most of you have an IOU for a lot of love and a lot of care and a lot of understanding that your parents should have given you and didn’t give you. I’ll agree with you. What are you going to do with the IOU? If you want to be happy, tear it up. It’s a decision.

All right? That’s the root and basis of everything. It’s our personal relationships in the family. That’s where we begin. We all begin life by being born and every one of us has a mother, there’s no exception. The closest relationship we ever have in life is to our mother. We’re actually connected physically to our mother when we’re born. A father, brothers and sisters, and later on, you young people, you’ll find out there’s another problem that comes your way, it’s a husband or a wife. But, let’s stay clear of that one for the time being. All right?

Now then, the other great area of problems with young people is the satanic supernatural. It’s supernatural power that does not come from God but does come from the devil. I want to tell you this, there are only two sources of supernatural power in the world. One is God, the other is the devil. Any supernatural power that does not come from God does come from the devil. Man was made to enjoy the supernatural. God never intended us just to live on the level of our natural ability, what we can reason and think and do with our minds and our hands. One of the most surprising miracles in the New Testament is Jesus walking on the water. Do you remember that story? And do you remember the disciples were sitting in the boat and they watched Jesus and Peter thought, “I’d like to walk on the water.” Did you ever recognize that? And he said, “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you.” And Jesus said, “Come.” And Peter stepped out and started walking across the water to Jesus. Then he looked at the waves and got scared and began to sink. He just had time to say, “Lord, save me,” and Jesus stretched out His hand and lifted him out. What I want to point out to you is Jesus said, “O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?” Jesus did not reprove him for wanting to walk on the water, Jesus reproved him for not having enough faith to do it. Why did Peter want to walk on the water, what’s the use of walking on the water? It doesn’t heal anybody, what’s the use of it? Shall I tell you? Because we’re made with a desire within us for more than the natural.

About two generations in America have tried to live on natural understanding, natural ability, science, technology, what you can do with machines, what you can do with electronics, what you can do with engines, what you can do with mathematics and arithmetic, logic and philosophy. But, your generation has said, “We want to get out of the boat. We want to walk on the water. We are not satisfied with technology, cars, showers, bars, swimming pools and everything; there’s something more. We want it.” Now, that desire for the supernatural was put in you by God because He wants you to be filled with His Spirit. He wants you to live above the level, He wants you to live in the supernatural, He wants you to have the gifts of the Spirit, He wants you to prophesy and preach and pray.

But so many young people didn’t know how to find the supernatural in God and Jesus Christ and they started to look elsewhere. I did the same. I went to church as an Anglican for about twenty years and never found any supernatural power in the church and decided I’d have to look somewhere else for it. I went to philosophy and Oriental cults, yoga, Buddhism and all sorts of things. I became a practicing yogi for a short time. I got into the supernatural but it was the devil’s supernatural. When I later wanted to come to Christ the greatest barrier between Christ and me was not the sins I’d committed but the fact that my mind was imprisoned and captivated with the teaching of yoga. It took a divine deliverance to set me free before I could really believe in Jesus Christ.

Many of you without fully knowing what you were doing have got involved in Satan’s supernatural. The commonest way amongst young people is the Ouija board. If you were honest, many of you have fooled with the Ouija board. The Ouija board is a form of fortune telling. The Bible calls it divination and under the law of Moses anybody that practiced anything like that was put to death. There wouldn’t be many people living in some of our high schools if everybody that fooled with a Ouija board was executed, would they? Well, God doesn’t say we put people to death today but His judgment remains the same.

There are other ways that people seek the supernatural. Many seek it by drugs. The desire is good, the way of satisfying it is evil. You get into the supernatural but it’s by the wrong door and you get into the wrong realm. Jesus said, “I am the door. By me if any man enter in he shall be saved.” He said, “I am the way, the truth, the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by me.” If you want to come into the presence and power of God and the Holy Spirit you must come through Jesus Christ. He is the only door. If you take any other way such as many of you have experimented with—the Ouija board, fortune telling, drugs, music, philosophy, meditation, yoga, charms and even the specific and deliberate worship of Satan—you have strayed into the devil’s territory.

There’s a proverb in the English language which says this, I don’t know whether you know it, “He that sups with the devil must use a spoon with a long handle.” But I want to tell you there’s no spoon made with a handle long enough. When you sit at the devil’s table you give him your little finger and he’s grabbed above your elbow before you even know what’s happened. You are a captive.

You see, whatever you go to for supernatural help or power or understanding that is not the true God is a false god. It’s a demon. Behind that Ouija board is a demon, behind those drugs are demons, behind all sorts of philosophies and cults and meditations and mysteries there are demons. When you go that way and open up your mind and your body to these things you have opened up to the power of demons, evil spirits. They move in and they captivate you. They captivate your mind. One of the commonest demons is confusion. Almost anybody that’s been involved in fortune telling or the occult has the spirit of confusion; they cannot think clearly, they cannot always discern between evil and good. This is confusion. Many people that have been in drugs are unable to discern between that which is evil and that which is good. They reach out for good but it’s evil that they grasp. They’re confused, their minds have been perverted.

Another very common demon that troubles these people is the demon of perversion. Often it’s a sex perversion, they become abnormal in their sex attitudes and practices.

All these things are demonic. The Bible lists many of them. And continually I am finding people who’s minds are being oppressed and tormented, who are in a state of bondage, fear and confusion, frustration and darkness, because they got into the wrong supernatural realm.

Many of you here this afternoon in one way or another, even though you may be comparatively young, have been involved in these things. It’s easier to get in than it is to get out. Satan does not willingly let you go. I have dealt with not a few people that have been involved in seances, in the occult and in the worship of Satan. When I’ve challenged Satan’s power in them those demons have spoken out of their throats and said, “She’s mine, we won’t let her go. She belongs to us.” They regard those people as their property, they’re very reluctant to let you go. If you’re going to come fully free you’ve got to know what to do, how to get free. That’s what I’m going to try to tell you now and then those of you who need to be free, I’m going to instruct you and pray with you that you may be set free.

Now we’ve dealt with the problem, now let’s deal with the solution. These are the things that I say that a person has to do. I’ve arrived at these rules by experience and I’ve discovered that God doesn’t change His rules. A lot of people would like to get God just to make an exception for them but He doesn’t do it. I can’t get God to change His rules, it’s not my business. All I can do is tell you God’s rules and after that it’s up to you whether you obey God’s rules and meet His conditions or not. I pray you will for your own sake.

These are the conditions. First of all, you’ve got to be humble. You’ve got to lay aside pride. You’ve got to be willing to acknowledge that you need help. You may figure yourself out to be very intellectual, very smart, very clever and have all the answers. But I’ll tell you one person that’s a lot smarter than you, that’s the devil. When you get involved with the devil you’re going to need more help than you can give yourself. You’re going to need supernatural help from God to get free.

The second thing you’ve got to do is be absolutely honest. Don’t try to cover anything up, don’t try to call it by the wrong name, don’t try to excuse it. Say, “God, it’s true. I did that thing. I have that attitude. I do hate my father. I know it’s wrong but I do, God. I’m not trying to cover it up from you, I’m honest with you.” God blesses us when we become honest with God. There’s a moment when you have to level with God.

The third thing you have to do is confess your sins, whatever you’ve done wrong that the Holy Spirit brings to you. Whatever is tormenting your mind and giving you a feeling of guilt, confess it to God, tell God. Now, I’ve got wonderful news for you. A lot of people are scared to confess to God because they think that God doesn’t know what they’re going to tell Him. But in actual fact, no matter what you tell God, He knows it all already. You’re not telling God anything He doesn’t know. I’ll tell you something else that’s wonderful. God is unshock-able, you cannot shock Him. I know many of you have done, said and thought things you would be ashamed to tell your parents but remember, God will not be shocked, He won’t turn you away, He won’t hold it against you. The reason why He demands that you confess it is not for His sake but for yours because when you confess it you’re on the way out of it.

The fourth thing that you have to do is repent. Now this is so important. Few people really understand what repentance is. Repentance, like forgiveness, is a decision. You make up your mind, the devil has had enough of me and my life. I’ve fooled around with sin and with the things of the devil long enough. Now I’m going to stop right now. I’m going to turn away from everything that is evil and unpleasing to God. I’m going to face God, be honest with God and submit to God. I’m not going to be a rebel any longer. That’s repentance. When you’ve been involved in things like the Ouija board, fortune telling or all these things, you have to renounce those thing specifically. You’ll say, “I’ll burn my Ouija board. I’ll throw away my charms. I’ll throw my drugs down the toilet. Whatever it may be, I’ll get rid of that thing that gave Satan power in my life.” You cannot hold onto those things and be free. You’ve got to get rid of the very thing that is the emblem of Satan and his power in your life.

The fifth thing you have to do is forgive other people. I’ve spoken about that. If you don’t forgive others God doesn’t forgive you. If you’re not forgiven then the devil has rights in your life. As long as the devil has got a claim over you he’s going to insist on it. In order to get free you must freely forgive every other person. It’s not bad to make a little list of the people that you need to forgive and when the time comes in this service I’m going to give you a few moments to mention by name the people that you specifically know you need to forgive. My father, my mother, my brother, my teacher. Jimmy, Sally, Sue, whoever it may be. The more specific you are the better it works.

These are the five things you have to do. Shall we go through them again? You’ve got to be humble. You’ve got to be honest. You’ve got to confess your sins to God. You’ve got to repent, turn away, renounce, turn your back on sin and turn your face toward God. You’ve got to get out of your life the things that mark Satan and his control. Let me say the fifth thing, you’ve got to forgive.

With regard to the power of things to bind you, let me tell you this true story that happened in Ft. Lauderdale. Some of you have seen us pray for people for their legs to grow out. How many of you have seen that? All right. Praise God, that’s a lot! And you know it’s real. Well, a friend of mine was watching one young man pray for another young man in a meeting. The young man had a leg that was an inch shorter than the other. Several people had had their legs grow out but when this young man prayed for the other young man his leg did not grow. My friend standing there noticed that the young man had a kind of bracelet around his ankle. So after a while he said, “What’s that bracelet?” The young man said, “I don’t know.” He said, “Does it mean anything to you?” He said no. He said, “My girlfriend gave it to me.” “Well,” he said, “Do you think it meant anything to your girlfriend?” The young man said, “I don’t know.” He said, “Do you think that to your girlfriend that bracelet meant rebellion?” He said, “It could be.” He said, “Would you be willing to take that bracelet off?” The young man reached down, took it off, his leg grew out.

There can be a power in a thing. If that thing means Satan in any way you better turn it off. You may have a ring. I prayed for another girl, she was possessed, she was violent, she was screaming, she was trying to claw my eyes out. Somebody noticed she had a ring of a snake on her finger. She took the ring off, deliverance came easily.

See, you cannot afford to retain anything in your life, your property, your home, that identifies you and associates you with the devil. If you want to belong to God you’ve got to sever connection with the devil. You cannot be in both camps at the same time. You’ve got to make a clean break.

Some of you girls may be associating with boys who are unsaved. Listen, that is not the way to get a young man saved. I’m reminded of a little story I once heard of a young woman who came to her pastor and said to the pastor, “Pastor, this is the young man I want to marry.” The pastor said, “Oh, is he a Christian?” The girl said, “No but he will be after we’re married. He’s going to become a Christian.” So the pastor said to the young lady, “Would you do something for me?” She said, “What is it?” He said, “Would you get up on that table and stand on that table for a moment?” She did. Now he said, “Give your hand to the young man,” and the young man was standing on the floor. She did. The pastor said, “Now, you try and pull the young man up onto the table.” Then he said to the young man, “You try and pull the girl down onto the floor.” Which do you think won? That’s how it will be if you marry an unsaved man to make him a Christian. It does not work. If you’re going around and associated and emotionally entangled with an unsaved person that can be the channel of Satan into your life.

There’s plenty of fine, young, Christian men and women. Don’t pick a lemon.

Okay. When you’ve met the conditions the Bible says whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be delivered. Do you know whosoever means? It means you. Anybody in this room here.

Now let me tell you three simple things about actually receiving deliverance and then we’re going into it. Number one, there is only one deliverer and His name is Jesus, that’s right. It’s not Brother Prince nor Brother Mumford, nor Brother Wallace, nor anybody else. If you want deliverance you must come to the deliverer, Jesus, direct. Jesus said, “Him that cometh unto me, I will in no wise cast out.” So if you come He will not turn you away. That’s point number one.

Point number two, deliverance is by the power of the Holy Spirit. So, if you want deliverance when you come to Jesus you must yield to the Holy Spirit. Don’t fight the Holy Spirit because you’re fighting deliverance.

Number three, you can cooperate with the Holy Spirit. Let me explain this, this is the hardest thing for some people to understand. Others understand it quickly. In Phillips translation of Mark 16:17 it says this:

“These signs shall follow them that believe, in my name they shall expel demons...”

Now the word expel is a key word because it shows you what to do. If you have been smoking and you had inhaled tobacco smoke into your lungs and you didn’t want it there, what would you do? You’d expel it. What’s that? It’s a decision of your will and an action of your muscles. You breathe it out. Now, that’s how you get rid of evil spirits. An evil spirit is a breath. The word spirit and breath in the Bible are the same. When you have come to Jesus, when you have called upon His name, when the Holy Spirit has come to your help, cooperate with the Holy Spirit. Expel that thing. Hate it. Kick it out. I’ve often said this, the devil is no gentleman. He comes in uninvited and you usually have to kick him out. Don’t treat him like a gentleman. Get real mad with him. Expel him. Take a deep breath, breathe it out. The first breath, it may be just your breath. The second breath, just your breath. But if you go on there’ll be something more than your breath coming out. That’s what you want to get rid of. If you can grasp that, if you can meet God’s conditions, if you can really turn against the devil and then expel him, you don’t need a lot of struggling. Struggling comes when people are divided in their mind and will and are not quite sure whether they want the devil out or not. The person that really makes up his mind “I am not going to have the devil any longer and I’m a child of God and I’m using the name of Jesus,” that thing has to go. I don’t say he won’t kick around a little. He may scream, he may shout, but he will have to go.

Listen, no child of God needs to be afraid of the devil. The Bible says resist the devil and he will flee from you. You don’t have to flee from him. Is that understood? Okay.

Now what we’re going to do is do it. I’d like everybody quietly to bow in prayer just a moment. Everybody all over this congregation. Please just a moment of quietness. Then if you’re not at rest here you can leave. How many are there of you young people that would say, “Brother Prince, I realize there’s something in my life that shouldn’t be there and I want to get rid of it the way you said.” Would you put your hand up? My, my, my, look at that! Goodness me. Well, God bless you. I appreciate that. Thank you.

Now, any of you that don’t want to stay, you can move out from now on at any time. But those of you that raised your hands, I want you just to stand in your place where you are. Stand up right now in your place. Don’t be ashamed and don’t be embarrassed. If there’s anything there that you don’t want there, this is the best opportunity you’re likely to have to get rid of it. I’m not going to preach any more, I’m going to lead you in a prayer. I want you to say this prayer out loud after me. When you’ve finished praying then I want you to expel those spirits. Don’t go on praying. I’ll do the praying from then on, you do the letting go. See? That’s what I tell them. I’ll command those spirits to come out and you kick them out. Okay? Don’t be afraid. You don’t need to be afraid of the devil. As a matter of fact, the devil is afraid of you. That’s wonderful news. And when you’ve made things inside so good for Jesus, the devil doesn’t want to stay there. He’s keen to get out.

You say these words:

Lord Jesus Christ, I believe that you are the Son of God, that you died on the cross for my sin and that you rose again from the dead. I am sorry for all my sins. I repent of all my sins. I repent of every contact with Satan, of every evil thing that I have allowed into my life. I renounce all these evil things.

Now you put in the thing, whatever it is.

I renounce...

Now you say the Ouija board, fortune telling, whatever it is. Say it. Be specific, say it by name. Yoga, ESP, any of these things. Hypnotism, automatic writing, whatever it is. Say it. “I renounce.”

All right. Now we come to forgiveness.

And Lord, I also forgive all others who have wronged me or harmed me. I lay down all resentment, all hatred and all rebellion. In particular, Lord, I forgive...

Now put in the person: my father, my mother, whoever it may be. Society, the church, the Jews, the Germans, the white people, the colored people, whatever it might be. “I forgive.” Be sure. “I forgive.”

All right. Now we’ll go on praying.

And Lord, I ask you to forgive me and to cleanse me in your blood. I believe that you do this now. I accept your forgiveness and I accept your cleansing. I accept your love and I forgive myself. And now Lord, I renounce those evil spirits. Anything inside me that ought not to be there I renounce it now, I loose myself from it and in the name of Jesus I command it to leave me. Amen.

Now let them go!

Satan, I come against you in the name of Jesus. I bind your power in this auditorium and over all who are associated with these young people. I command those spirits to loose and come out of these young people in the name of Jesus. Satan, come out in Jesus’ name. Come out in the name of Jesus. Come out in the name of Jesus.

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