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Expand your knowledge and understanding of the Bible with free Teaching Letters by acclaimed Christian author, Derek Prince. Covering a broad range of topics and themes, each message provides a concise, yet thorough study of the Bible that's easy to read and absorb.

An enduring source of biblical insight and wisdom, Derek Prince Teaching Letters were originally written to friends and partners of the ministry from 1993 to 2003. They represent some of the deepest and richest teaching available on widely neglected subjects such as spiritual warfare, the Holy Spirit and the power of God's Word.

Whether you're searching for answers to difficult questions, or seek a greater awareness of God's truth and character, you'll find profound Bible-based teaching for every stage and phase of your Christian walk.

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Christian Living

A Heart Perfect Toward God (Part 1)A Heart Perfect Toward God (Part 2)Angelic Intervention in Human LivesBehold the ManCharacter that Stands the TestConfidenceDo You Bury Your Face in the Water? Do You Realize How Valuable You Are?Endurance Through FocusEnduring Under TrialsEthics of Ministry (Part 1)Ethics of Ministry (Part 2)Finishing the RaceFitly Joined TogetherFollow Me!Free to Worship (Part 1)Free to Worship (Part 2)From Rejection To Acceptance (Part 1)From Rejection To Acceptance (Part 2)God's Abundance: Tapping the Source (Part 1)
God's Abundance: Tapping the Source (Part 2)
God's Abundance: Receiving The Promise
God's Abundance: Meeting The Conditions
God's Abundance: The Final Four Conditions
God's Abundance: People - The Purpose Of Abundance
Hardest Test of All
Hope in Christ (Part 1)Hope in Christ (Part 2)Hope (Part 1)Hope (Part 2)Hope (Part 3)Hope (Part 4)Hope (Part 5)How to Respond to TestingLetting the Holy Spirit LeadMany Are Called, But Few Are ChosenPartakers of His HolinessPraisePride Vs Humility (Part 1)Pride Vs Humility (Part 2)Pride Vs Humility (Part 3)Pride Vs Humility (Part 4)Quest for CharacterSalt of the EarthSpirit, Soul & BodySpiritual or Soulish?ThanksgivingThe Error Of BalaamThe First MileThe Gifts Of The Holy SpiritThe Importance of Right RelationshipsThe Lord's TreasureThe Purpose of TestingTwelve Steps to a Good Year (Part 1)Twelve Steps to a Good Year (Part 2)Twelve Steps to a Good Year (Part 3)Twelve Steps to a Good Year (Part 4)Twelve Steps to a Good Year (Part 5)Twelve Steps to a Good Year (Part 6)Understanding the Fear of the LordVictory in PraiseWorshipYour Walk With God (Part 1)Your Walk With God (Part 2)

Health & Healing

The Laying on of Hands
“Remember, when you’re reading your Bible, your Bible is also reading you. It is a two-way transaction.”
Derek Prince
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