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Word From The Word

By Derek Prince

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Concise two-minute Bible teaching from the Derek Prince Word From The Word devotional series.


This is Derek Prince with a word for you from the Word.

“In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:6 KJV)

Do you want the assurance that God is in control of your way, your life? That He is directing and guiding your decisions and ready to solve your problems?

Those words are the key to that assurance. “In all thy ways acknowledge Him,” that is, the Lord. At every pause, at every turning point, at every moment when you can, relax and just breathe for a moment, and you are not pressed for some particular decision.

Acknowledge Him. The best way to acknowledge Him is simply to thank Him. Thank Him that He is in charge. Thank Him for His faithfulness. Thank Him for all the help that you have received from Him in the past. Thank Him for His wisdom. Thank Him for His power. As you thank Him, you are acknowledging Him. You are continuing to have Him in control of your life and your situation. And in that way you continue to have His guidance and direction.

Acknowledge Him every moment just with a brief prayer, a brief “Thank You, Lord. Thank You that You are in charge of this situation. Thank You that You have the answer to this problem. In every step, Lord, I acknowledge You. Every question I bring to You. Every decision I submit to You. Thank You, Lord, that You’re in charge. Thank You that You are willing to accept responsibility.”

When you acknowledge Him like that at every step, you can be sure that He really will direct your paths.

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