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The Power Of Intercession

Do you believe your prayers make a difference? Are you willing to intercede, even when others may have given up? Do you realize the power of your own intercession? Only heaven will fully reveal what has been accomplished on earth through the prayers of the saints. Who knows how many lives have been saved or how many catastrophes have been averted? Can we truly know the power of intercession?

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Reaching the unreached, teaching the untaught.

Teaching Legacy Of Derek Prince: Preventing Deception

In a recently revised edition of the book Protection from Deception, now being released as Battle of the Ages, Derek Prince warns against the greatest peril Christians will face at the close of the age.

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Reaching the unreached, teaching the untaught.

Restoring Families In Eastern Europe

My name is Brano, and I serve as the Outreach Director for Derek Prince Ministries (DPM) in Eastern Europe. What we are seeing in our area, as with many other parts of the world, is an ever-increasing spiritual attack on families, marriages, and children. But I also see the powerful change when people discover God’s truths for their lives—and apply them. That’s why we are so committed to distributing Derek’s Bible teaching.

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Reach the unreached. Teach the untaught.

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