Gifts Of Power And Revelation
Derek Prince
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Exercising Spiritual Gifts Series
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Gifts Of Power And Revelation

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Part 3 of 3: Exercising Spiritual Gifts

By Derek Prince

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Be encouraged and inspired with this Bible-based sermon by Derek Prince.

Be encouraged and inspired with this Bible-based sermon by Derek Prince.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are intended to build up the church. In this three-part series, Derek Prince offers insight into how to receive the power of the Holy Spirit and exercise these gifts with wisdom and responsibility.

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In our previous session we dealt with the three vocal gifts of the Spirit: tongues, interpretation and prophecy. I sought to lead you into the exercise of those gifts. I think I was about 80 percent at least successful, for which I give God the praise.

Now we have one remaining session in this series and we’re going to deal briefly with the remaining six gifts of the Spirit under the two headings of power and revelation. Don’t be fooled by the outline, that’s not the whole outline, there’s something more to follow. But we’ll start with that. The lady that was making them—and she really is a lady—her pen ran out, you understand. So that’s why we stopped there. But the rest is just waiting to be put up. We already owe a real debt of gratitude to the lady. I think we ought to give her a clap, I don’t know where she is. We need to pray for her she won’t fail her other exams because of all the time she’s giving to this.

Now, the three gifts of power. The number one gift of power is faith. Faith is used in many ways in the New Testament. “The righteous shall live by faith.” I have a book that’s called Faith to Live By. That’s the kind of faith every Christian has to be a Christian.

Then in Galatians 5, faith is listed as one of the fruits of the Spirit. Fruit and gifts are different. If you want to know the difference between them, consider a Christmas tree and an apple tree. An apple tree bears fruit. It takes a long process to bring the fruit out on the tree, it doesn’t come instantly. It has to be cultivated. On the other hand, a Christmas tree—if you ever indulge in such things—either carries or overshadows gifts. Those gifts can be put there in an instant and taken in an instant. No time is involved. That’s true with gifts. It doesn’t take 30 seconds to receive a gift. That’s the difference.

Now, fruit is extremely important but we’re not dealing with that. We’re dealing with gifts. The fruit of faith is usually translated faithfulness. In actual fact, the Greek word for faith and the Hebrew word for faith both primarily refer to character, not intellect. That’s interesting. Faith really is faithfulness, it’s commitment to God. It’s not entertaining a certain doctrine—that’s secondary.

However, we’re not talking about the fruit of faithfulness, we’re talking about a gift of faith, something that’s received in a moment. What is the gift of faith? My answer is it’s a mustard seed of God’s own faith imparted sovereignly and supernaturally. We don’t claim it, God gives it. There are two Scriptures there you could look at. Mark 11:21–23. You remember Jesus came up to a fig tree and He was displeased with it. He said, “Let no one eat fruit from you henceforth forever.”

“The next morning the fig tree had withered from the roots. [The disciples commented on that.] Peter remembering, said to Him, ‘Rabbi, look, the fig tree which you cursed has withered away.’ So Jesus answered and said to them, ‘Have faith in God.’”

That’s the normal English but what the Greek actually says is “have the faith of God,” which is as different as day is from night. Jesus said if you have God’s faith, the words you speak and the things you do will be as effective as if God Himself did it. It’s not your faith, it’s God’s faith. In other words, He said, “God’s faith in me enabled me to determine the destiny of that tree. The words I spoke were as effective as if God the Father had spoken them.” And remember, God brought the world into being by speaking. He spoke the world into being.

Then He gives this promise in verse 23:

“For assuredly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed, be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that those things he says will come to pass, he will have whatever he says.”

That’s tremendously inclusive. “Whoever” says will have “whatever” he says. But you can’t do that simply out of your own decision, that’s only when God imparts to you His own faith in that situation as a gift.

Now, put side by side with that, Matthew 17:20, which describes the same incident. Jesus says:

“If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. And nothing will be impossible for you.”

So Jesus said if it’s God’s faith, you don’t need a lot of it, a mustard seed [which is the smallest of all seeds] will move a mountain. In other words, it’s not so much the quantity of your faith, it’s the quality of your faith. The gift of faith is a little mustard seed of God’s faith imparted to you in a certain situation for a specific task. While you are exercising it, you are as effective as God Himself. Once it’s over, you’re back on the level of your own faith, the kind of faith you have to live by day by day.

So, that’s the gift of faith. It is usually a catalyst. It tends to release the next two gifts. And at this point we’ll move on to the next sheet by the kind assistance of Brother ?Fenue?, who now becomes immortalized on this video forever! We go on to the next of the gifts of power which is the gift of healing. And notice in the original it’s all plural. Gifts of healings. I personally am inclined to believe that every healing is a gift. And it generally works out that you find certain ministers have certain faith for certain types of healing. Like, I have faith for back problems. I have faith for colitis. I have faith for asthma. I have faith for arthritis. But until recently, as far as people’s eyes were concerned, I didn’t have much faith. I say until recently because recently in Pakistan we saw maybe ten blind people receive their sight. But that’s a new development that I’m not quite sure what the next phase of that will be. But for years now I have prayed for people with back problems and most of them get healed.

So, there’s two ways of understanding gifts of healing. Each healing is a distinct gift. And also, some people get gifts of healings for, let’s say, arthritis or epilepsy. Others get gifts of healings for deafness or blindness or intestinal complaints. There’s many different ways this thing can operate. We have to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Now in essence, the gift of healing or a gift of healing is God’s supernatural power against sickness. Okay? Healing relates to sickness. The only kind of people that can get healed are sick people. Okay. There’s a statement in Luke 5:17, speaking about a period in the ministry of Jesus.

“It happened on a certain day as he was teaching that there were Pharisees and teachers of the Law sitting by who had come out of every town of Galilee, Judea and Jerusalem. And the power of the Lord was present to heal them.” [Alternative translation: the power of the Lord was present with him to heal them.]

Notice the power of the Lord was present to heal. So, God’s healing power drives out sickness and replaces it with health. It’s a supernatural power granted by the Holy Spirit released often through the laying on of hands, sometimes through anointing with oil, in various different ways. But healing relates to sickness.

The next gift, miracles, can go further. Miracles go beyond healings. for instance, this is from an example that’s occurred more than once in my ministry. If a person has what they call otitis media, which is inflammation of the middle ear, you can pray for it and it can be healed. But, if a person has had the middle ear removed by surgery, you can’t heal a middle ear that isn’t there. But, a miracle can restore a middle ear. I remember two different occasions in which that happened. Once a man came up to me and said, “Pray for my ear.” Thank God I didn’t ask him what was the matter with his ear. So I prayed and he came back and said, “I got healed.” I said, “What did you get healed of?” He said, “I had no middle ear and now I’ve got one. I went to the doctor, he checked and I have a normal ear.” That’s a miracle, you understand. That goes beyond the healing.

The different also is this, that miracles are often instantaneous —not necessarily—and often visible. Whereas healings are often invisible. If somebody is healed in the liver, there’s nothing immediate that you can see. And many times they are also gradual. That’s important to understand because some people come to get healed. If they don’t get a miracle they think nothing’s happened. But it may be that they’re receiving a healing. It’s very important to understand this because if you are receiving a healing, a lot will depend on how you respond. I tell people, “Now you’re plugged into God’s supernatural power. Keep the plug in.” How do you do that? Basically, by thanking God. You say, “Thank you, Lord. You touched me. Your power is at work in my body.” Every time you feel a twinge of pain or you see a symptom, you say, “Thank you, Lord. Your supernatural power is at work in my body.” And as you respond that way, the healing is completed.

But if you come up to be prayed for, God touches you but you don’t get a complete healing and you walk down and you say, “Nothing happened,” what you’ve done is take the plug out. See? After that nothing more happens. So it’s very important to instruct people on these things.

A miracle is frequently, I would say, usually released by a simple act of faith. You want to study a man who had a lot of miracles, the prophet Elijah. Almost every miracle that he performed was released by a rather ridiculous act of faith. For instance, there was a spring outside Jericho of which the water was corrupt. He took a vessel of salt, threw the salt into the spring and said, “Thus saith the Lord, these waters are healed.” Well, everybody knows that salt doesn’t heal water, you understand? But you can go to that spring today, more than 2,000 years later, and it’s still healed. The salt didn’t heal the spring but the little act of faith released God’s miracle power into the spring.

Another time the sons of the prophets were eating from a common pot of food and they discovered it was poisoned. Elijah just took some flour into his hand, threw it into the pot and said, “Thus saith the Lord, the pot is healed.” It was healed. The flour didn’t heal the pot but the simple act released the miracle of healing into the pot.

Another time one of his students went out to build something by the Jordan, borrowed an axe to cut down some trees and while he was chopping with the axe, the axe head flew off into the Jordan. If you’ve never been in the Jordan you might not realize how that is. But the Jordan is a muddy river. There’s at least two inches of just pure mud at the bottom. So, the axe head just didn’t lie on the surface at the bottom, it went down into the mud and disappeared. Elijah said, “All right.” He took a little piece of wood, threw it into the Jordan and as it floated there, the axe head came up to meet the wood. Now, the wood didn’t pull the axe head up but the casting of the wood into the Jordan released the miracle working power. You understand? See the principle? You usually have to do something silly to release a miracle.

When a man born blind came to Jesus, Jesus spat on the ground. And everybody knows preachers don’t spit in public! He made some clay with the spittle, anointed the man’s eyes and said, “Go and wash in the pool of Siloam.” Well, that’s ridiculous! But the man did what he was told and came back seeing. The clay didn’t heal him, the pool didn’t heal him, but that act of Jesus released the miracle working power when the man responded in faith.

So, those are the three gifts of power briefly identified. The emphasis is on the word briefly.

Now we’ll come to the gifts of revelation. First of all, most translations say “the word of wisdom” but the Greek says “a word of wisdom.” I understand it’s very much like the gift of faith but it’s wisdom. God has got all wisdom. But if He were to dump all wisdom onto us, we’d crumple beneath the load. But in a situation where we need wisdom, it’s not available to us by natural means, God gives us a supernatural word of wisdom—a little mustard seed of His own wisdom.

The nature of wisdom is that it’s directive, it shows you how to proceed. It shows you what to do. A word of knowledge is similar but it’s knowledge, not wisdom. It’s a little mustard seed of God’s knowledge give to you in a specific situation to accomplish a specific purpose. Twenty or thirty years ago, the word of knowledge was almost non-existent amongst God’s people. Today it’s becoming relatively common. Thank God for that. One of the ways that it operates is that the Lord will show somebody the sickness of a certain person present. And when that person is called out on the basis, that revelation of that person’s problem creates faith in the person to receive healing. You understand? God is always working to create faith in us. The real purpose of the gifts, in a way, is to create faith.

Ruth sometimes gets this gift of a word of knowledge while we’re together. We were in Britain last April and I was speaking in a Sunday morning service which was not a healing service. Just before I got up to speak Ruth tapped me and said, “I think the Lord’s given me a word of knowledge.” I said, “Fine, you give it.” But before I did that, knowing my British people, I gave them a little lecture on responding. I said, “Don’t sit there and say, ‘I think that might be me.’ Or, ‘I’d be embarrassed to go up in front of all of these people,’ because you’ll miss God. If it’s you, you need to get up and come out. We’ll pray for you.” So then Ruth got up and described a person who thought the person was going blind in the right eye. Well, in the second row there was an Indian lady attired in her sari. Ruth hadn’t gone halfway through the sentence before she was up on the platform. See that? That’s the difference between Indians and English people. So, she said, “The only reason I came to this meeting is I think I’m going blind in my right eye.” I said, “Are you a Christian?” She said, “I’m a pure Hindu.” See? God got His hook in her. That’s the only way He could have got her confronted with the gospel. I said, “Are you willing for me to pray in the name of Jesus?” She said yes. “Are you willing to confess that Jesus is the Son of God?” She thought it over and she said yes. She did and we prayed for her. She was back by the evening and she saw a whole lot more miracles. She came up to us at the end and said, “I really don’t know what’s happened to my Hinduism now.” Ruth said, “Well, you’re answerable to God for what He’s shown you.”

Another example in Amsterdam this past summer with Youth With A Mission there. We had a healing service and God gave Ruth a word of knowledge, a rather strange one, about somebody who had a cut in his body that went like that (indicating) or like that (indicating). She was a little diffident about giving it because it seemed so strange. But when she gave it, the young man stood up and came out and said, “That’s me. I had surgery on my back but they had to cut from this side all around.” We sat him in the chair and said, “Are you a Christian?” He said, “Yes.” We said, “When did you get saved?” “Last night on the street.” So that was beautiful, wasn’t it? God showed him how interested he was in him as a person. He picked him out on that basis to call him forward and get healed.

We may have a word of knowledge before we finish here this morning. But we’ll go on to the next which is discerning of spirits. Actually, both parts are plural. It’s discernings of spirits. Like gifts of healings, workings of miracles, kinds of tongues; there are several of the gifts which are plural in both parts in the original. “To discern” is to recognize and to distinguish between, so discerning of spirits is recognizing spirits and discerning or distinguishing between them. It’s a kind of spiritual sense. You see, God can reveal that kind of thing two ways. He can give a word of knowledge. “Such and such a person has a spirit of fear or a spirit of epilepsy or a spirit of death.” That’s one. Or He can show the servant of God, you can see it, not with the natural. Like there are certain spirits that Ruth and I encounter so frequently we almost immediately identify them. One is the spirit of death. There’s something about a person who has the spirit of death that shows in their features, in their eyes. Another is witchcraft. We were in Holland several years ago now, five years ago. We had a healing service and a lot of people were coming forward. There was this young woman, I think she was from Indonesia, she was highly pregnant. I mean, she must have been at least eight months pregnant. She came forward. As we put our hands on her she became like a scolded cat. I mean, she reached for my eyes with her fingernails and became violent. A couple of men had to hold her. We identified the spirit of witchcraft. We commanded it to come out, she was released and became a lady again. Then she told us this, which is interesting. I don’t fully understand it, but she said she made a covenant with Satan not to come to that meeting. So, you know, she was in a strange background. After that, the next fifteen people we prayed for, every one of them we just went for the spirit of witchcraft and there it was.

I want to say that discernment is not restricted to demons. It’s important to discern the Holy Spirit, where He is, what He’s doing. I believe you can discern a human spirit like when Jesus said of Nathaniel, “He was an Israelite in whom was no guile.” That’s a pretty rare thing, I want you to know. But Jesus discerned that guileless spirit in Nathaniel.

Okay. Now that’s a little summation of the gifts. Now I think we need to move into action. This is the point at which I’m totally dependent on the Holy Spirit. If He doesn’t turn up or work, this will be a fiasco. But, I have to say He’s remarkably faithful. Exercising the gifts is like going out on a limb. You have to take a risk. For people who never take a risk never do anything in this area. So what I want to do with Ruth helping me is what we normally do in many places, and some of you have seen us do before, we’re going to pray for the sick. I’m going to exercise a particular gift which God gave me in l970. So, I am now, I would have to say, confident about this gift. I’ve exercised it for 15 years and I’ve seen, I can say fairly, thousands of people healed through it. Now, not all the people that we pray for are healed. There’s a certain sovereignty of God which we can’t overrule. This gift is a gift of faith, supernatural faith for certain kinds of physical problems. First and foremost, for people who are lame, whose legs are unequal, and going with that, for people who have back problems. As a matter of fact, most people who have back problems have unequal legs. It’s very rare to find a person with a back problem whose legs are fully equal.

Let me say that I have ministered to chiropractors in this field and they’ve admitted that it works. So, I’m not just offering you some wild theory—although it’s very strange. When I first started checking people’s legs in public, some of my dear brothers suggested that it was a dangerous thing to do, I had just established a reputation as a scholarly Bible teacher. For me to go around checking people’s feet and measuring them would ruin my reputation. Well, I’ve survived. I think because of the results, you see? I tell people in a healing service our motivation is just as practical as that of a doctor or a dentist. Our aim is to heal the sick. Our methods are different, our motives are the same. I always thank God for doctors, dentists, nurses and others. I tell you, there are so many sick people in this world that if we all became an army, we couldn’t meet all the needs. Sometimes, especially in Third World countries and other places where I see all the sick, I can hardly bear the sight. It almost overwhelms me, the thought of human need and suffering.

But, we do what we can. That’s all we can do. So, I’m going to begin to exercise this gift. I’m going to begin by ministering to people with back problems. Now, I’ve never had a shortage of clients ever since I started that. I think more than 50 percent of Americans have back problems. The advantage about this as a breakthrough is that first of all, I’ve got plenty of customers. Secondly, the results are visible. You understand? People see what happens. Twenty years ago most Christians had never seen a visible miracle in their lives. Fortunately, there’s a great change coming. But just one visible miracle can totally change the outlook of a person or the attitude of a congregation. I’ll tell you one story. This is true and it’s so funny that I have to promise you it’s true. Some years back I was asked to speak in a Methodist church in a certain American city, evangelical but not Charismatic. They said there are two services from 9 to 10 and 11 to 12. We want you to speak at both. So, both from 9 to 10. It was very safe, stayed within the boundaries of being evangelical, and that was that. Then I found myself waiting around between 10 and 11. So, some sympathetic soul came up to me and said, “Would you like to go to the adult Bible class?” So actually, I wasn’t the least bit interested but I thought it’s better than hanging around. I said okay. Well, then without my knowing it, they brought two or three different classes together and they said, “Would you like to speak?” Well, they hadn’t warned me. I thought, “What do I tell these people?” I said to myself, “I owe it to them at least once to tell them what’s happening in the church.” So, I tried to describe the Charismatic movement to them. Well, they didn’t respond, it was outside their total range of reference. I thought, “I’m not getting anywhere.”

So, I began to teach them about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Well, it was like describing the backside of the moon to people who’ve always lived on earth. I mean, it just didn’t work. So I stopped and I thought, “This is just wasting time.” I said, “Is there anybody here with unequal legs?” And somebody put his hand up in the back. I said, “Would you like to be prayed for?” He said yes. I said, “Put a chair out in front, come and sit in the chair.” I sat him down, measured his legs. Everybody who was near could see the difference. His short leg grew out and I said, “There you are.”

Well, the moment that happened, the attitude of the people totally changed instantly. So, everybody wanted to be prayed for. I was scooting around on my hands and knees measuring people’s legs and praying for them. A lady who had a blanket over her legs somewhere on that side said, “Pray for me.” So I scooted over, held up her legs. One was shorter than the other. It grew out. I said, “There you are,” and went on to the next. Well, after a little while I saw this lady getting very excited. She said to me, “I don’t think you know what you’ve done.” I said, “If I don’t know, tell me.” She said, “When I came here I had MS, that’s multiple sclerosis.” She said, “I don’t think I have it now.” “Well,” I said, “if you don’t think you have it, let’s see.” So I got her out of the chair and out in the middle of the class doing kneebends in front of everybody. She was completely strong.

Now, I had no idea she had MS. I think if I had, I’d have probably got in God’s way. You understand? Because I would have tried to introduce my own ideas. I just released what I had and she took it.

Well, the end of the story is this. At the end of the class she waited around very diffidently until everybody else had left and then she said, “You know, Mr. Prince, I’m a Roman Catholic. This is the first time I’ve ever been to a Protestant church. I didn’t know they were like this.”

(Side 2 of the tape seems to be missing something.)

Stodgy. I mean, they don’t easily get enthused. And I was really working hard. I mean, I was sweating and there wasn’t much happening. Then I prayed for three people in a row and they all got healed. So just jokingly I said, “They must be Catholics.” The funny thing is they all were! Well, if you know Pentecostals, I mean, you can’t believe that Catholics would get what Pentecostals don’t get.

Now, the way we’re going to do it is this. ?Fenue?, I think you’re going to help me. Would you come and move these chairs forward a little? And Ruth, would you take my Bible, my outline. And would you move that right over there. Thank you. Separate them as much as you can. Okay? Ruth, would you come up and stand there. That’s beautiful, all right.

Have you ever been in one of my meetings before? Once in Honolulu. I knew from the way you arranged the chairs! Now, we’re not going to be able to pray for everybody, understand? This is just a demonstration, it’s just to break through. It’s just to bring the gifts out of the realm of theory and theology into the realm of practical experience. That’s our motive. I believe Ruth has got a word, so we’ll take that first.


I have the impression that there’s someone here who has been having chest pains. You have not been to the doctor but you’re afraid that it is a heart condition. And if you will identify yourself, the Lord will touch you now.


Come on up. ?Fenue?, we may need a catcher. God bless you. Are you really a doctor? Ph.D. In what? Systematic theologist. It’s wonderful to have you here.


I’m one of those terrible theologians.


That’s right! Well, forgive me if I said anything I shouldn’t have said. I really do it because so many theologians stand in the way of God’s people getting what they should have. It’s wonderful to have you here.

You see, if God called you out, that means He’s interested in you, He wants you to be healed. Okay? So all we’re going to do is just lay our hands on you and pray for you. You just receive, no matter what happens. If God smites you with His power, that’s fine. If nothing visible happens, you’ve still received. Okay?

“Father, we thank you in the name of Jesus that you’re going to touch our brother. Thank you in Jesus’ name, amen.”

Just begin to breathe in, just take in the healing presence of God. That’s right. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Father. In the name of Jesus, amen. Now start to thank Him, that’s the purest expression of faith. Just take some deep breaths, that’s the healing presence of God. That’s right. Let all anxiety go in Jesus’ name. Amen.

I believe the Lord wants to tell you that He has a bright future for you. That He’s going to open new doors for you, that out of your experience here you’re going to become a guide and a teacher to many who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death. So be bold, be courageous. Do not hold back. Graciously and wisely speak all that God has shown you and God will honor it and confirm it with signs following. Amen. Thank you, Lord.

Let’s give the Lord a praise offering.

Now I’d like to call up people with back problems. We’ve only got four seats. Before you come up, I just want you to stand up where you are. If you want to be prayed for with a back problem, I want to talk to you. I like to check the nature of the problem. This lady here in the mauve blouse. What’s the nature of your problem? Treated by a doctor? Chiropractor. What is their diagnosis? So you know your real problem, don’t you? It’s stress. Like many people. Come up and sit here, please.

This lady here. You have a vertebra what? Okay. Well, come up. I like to check that people have been medically diagnosed, you understand, so that people don’t think I’m just inventing these problems.

What’s your problem? I know that problem. Come up and sit here. Incidentally, I appreciate chiropractors, I want to say that. Because, I’ve seen so much back pain that I appreciate people that do something about it.

That gentlemen with the beard there with your arms folded, what’s your problem? Okay, come on up. You understand, part of your problem is you didn’t keep the plug in. See? It’s one thing to be touched, it’s another thing to keep the plug in. Sit down in that chair.

Now I’ll let the rest of you sit down for the time being. I want you all to be in an attitude of prayer and worship. That doesn’t mean you have to keep your eyes closed but don’t just be spectators. Be involved with these people for whom we’re praying. All right? Okay, let’s start with this lady.

Can I check your legs, please? Okay. Your right leg is a little bit short, can you see that? Can you feel it growing now? Take everything God has for you, yield to the Holy Spirit. That’s it, there you are. That’s the demon of pain, let it out. Out in Jesus’ name. That’s right, get it out in Jesus’ name. Just cough it out. You have to go. All the way. Amen, thank you Lord Jesus. Lord, we break the power of tension, of stress over this life, in Jesus’ name. That’s right, breathe that out, let it go. That’s stress. Just breathe it out. You have to cooperate, that’s right. There’s more to come, just let it go. You might as well get everything. Don’t get half the package. Hate your enemy, he’s tormented you long enough. Say, “Satan release me in Jesus’ name.” Would you renounce every contact with the occult?

I think it would be good if we would have one of the counseling staff who is—are there any with any experience with deliverance here? All right, come up. Just stay with her and just stand by her. Don’t get too active, just encourage her faith. She needs to be encouraged to be fully released. In this situation we can’t take all that time with just one person.

Now tell me what your problem was again. That’s right, okay. Now, listen. I’ve got an option for you. Do you want to be taller or shorter? (Taller.) That’s easy, the other is more difficult. Let’s have your legs. Turn your toes out. You’re a pretty level person. Your left leg is a little short, can you see that growing out now? That’s the evidence God’s power is in you. Just receive it in every area where you need it. Thank you, Lord.

I didn’t tell you two things which were in my outline. First of all, very commonly when we minister healing it brings evil spirits out into the open. That happened frequently in the ministry of Jesus. It happens today. We’ve just seen one such instance.

Another thing I want to mention is that when I first met Ruth, she had a ruptured disc and a curved spine. Now she has no ruptured disc and she has a straight spine. She has real faith to stand with people.

Now, what’s your problem? Okay. You’re wearing a brace? Well, no wonder you have problems, can you see the difference in your legs? See, your left leg is an inch short. Can you feel it growing while I’m talking to you? Just take everything, don’t bother about us. Just relax and take everything. Amen, Lord. We release him from all pain in Jesus’ name. You suffered a lot. You often wondered whether God really loved you. You got so discouraged. Today He’s demonstrating He’s faithful, that He loves you, that He cares for you, that His love is individual. It’s not just general collective. Thank you, Lord. Amen. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Lift your hands up and praise Him, that’s right. Receive everything with thankfulness. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

Let’s just quietly worship the Lord. Thank you, Lord.

Okay. Now you’re the one with the buildup? But you have a buildup in your shoe, too. You don’t. Okay. Did you hear that? Ruth says you have a spirit of infirmity.

I’ll tell you, another spirit we commonly encounter is what we call the crippling spirit which twists people’s bodies, makes their spines curve, makes their limbs unequal. So, if we come against those things, don’t think you’re some special case, it’s very common.

All right. I’ll plug you in and see what happens, that’s all I can do. Did you know that your legs are now perfectly equal, do you know that? God had healed him, you see, before I ever got to him. Thank you, Lord. Amen. Now, just take everything God has for you. Every kind of discouragement, Lord, we reject in Jesus’ name. I believe God is speaking to you now, isn’t He? I think if you lift your hands up and just worship Him. I’m a great believer of receiving through your hands. Amen. Lord, let the healing miracle working power of God flow through these hands and these arms into his body, into his spine, into every area where he needs it, in Jesus’ name. Thank you, Lord. Okay, take it, whatever comes. Take it. That’s right. Now sob it out, that’s the spirit of infirmity. Sob it out. Don’t hold it back, let it go. Out in Jesus’ name. You don’t have to pray, let it go. That’s right, sob it out. All the way out in Jesus’ name. That’s right. Out. Hate it, cough it out. Just drive it out of your throat. That’s right. “You have to go, Satan. You’ve been exposed. In Jesus’ name.”

Now, God wants you to dedicate your life to the Lord here this morning. Don’t walk away from this and turn your back on God. Just dedicate your life to Him, sit there and talk to him privately.

Now, because of shortage of time and space, we’re going to ask these people that are here to go down. But keep your plug in, every one of you. Keep thanking God. Say, “God, I thank you that your supernatural power is at work in me.” All right? God bless you.

And this lady, I think you’re probably going to need further counseling. But don’t stop thanking God for what He’s done. Okay?

We’ve got five minutes left, what are we going to do? We’ll pray for four more people and then we’ll kind of turn it loose. People with back problems not been prayed for, want to be prayed for, would you stand up quickly.

That lady there in the flowered blouse, what’s your problem? Talk loud. All right, come on.

There’s a fair haired young man, he really is a man, he must be a man out there. That’s right. What is your problem? Come on. What’s your problem? We’re looking for you, that’s right. One more.

That gentleman in the red shirt with white stripes. Come on. All right. Now, we keep worshipping God. We don’t have to close our eyes, we have to be involved but let’s keep worshipping.

Amen, all right. Then we’ll try and do something more even if time has run out. We’ll do something quick and see what happens.

Tell us the problem again in one sentence. (Arthritis) That’s right. Now, I deal with arthritis normally as an evil spirit. That won’t offend you? That doesn’t mean you are an evil person. It means the devil is tormenting you. Okay? So, if I tell it to go, you know what your job is? Let it go, exactly! You said it. Scoot back on the chair. Now we’re going to plug you in and see what happens. Well, one reason you have problems is your left leg is half an inch short, can you see that? See that? Don’t push it down because we’ve got it in a natural position. Can you feel it growing now? Do you feel that? That’s right, that’s the healing warmth of God. Amen. “Now, Lord, we release her from the torment of arthritis in Jesus’ name.” Let it go. Out you go. That’s right, sob it out. Out you go in the name of Jesus. That’s right, all the way. You’ve got to hate it, we can’t do that for you. You have to go. Now you can begin to thank Him. That’s right. Thank you, Lord. Sob it out. You have to work with us because if you don’t cooperate, we can’t do it. That’s right. Never mind your dignity, that’s not important. Ask God to forgive you and renounce it. Say, “Lord, forgive me every contact with horoscopes. I renounce it all in Jesus’ name.” You see, you exposed yourself to Satan’s claims.

Everybody who goes into the occult gives Satan legal claim against them. No, never mind. That’s fine. We’re not blaming you, we’re just explaining. Just continue to thank Him. Let all that misery come out. That’s right. Get rid of it. That’s right, let it go. Have you been under medication? Well, that’s partly the result of the medication. Lord, we break every satanic hold over this life in the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus.

Brother, I think we better ask you to stay with her and there’s more to come out. See? But because of the time limits we have to—just don’t be merciful to demons.

Now, this is very important. We sometimes seem to be very angry. We’re not angry with the person, we’re angry with the demon. It’s no sin to hate the devil. In fact, it’s a sin not to hate the devil.

Now, you have? You had an accident how long ago? Have you ever asked God to release you from the curse over your life? Over your life. Well, one of the reasons Jesus died was He was made a curse that we might be redeemed from the curse. I think there’s a curse that follows you out from your family background. Can you accept that? Say now, “Lord Jesus, I thank you that you were made a curse on the cross, that I might be redeemed from the curse and receive the blessing. I renounce the curse and I inherit the blessing now in Jesus’ name.” See, I don’t think you could be healed without that being dealt with. Now we’ll plug you in.

Your left leg is half an inch short. Can you feel it growing while I’m talking to you? All right. Now you start to thank Him. You’ve got to turn loose, that’s right. You’re holding on to something. That’s right, thank you, Lord. Give me your hands, that’s right. Now something is happening. Thank you, Lord.

I’m trying to minister and at the same time teach. You understand? That most people who are not healed, there is a barrier between them and their healing. It can be a demon, it can be a curse, it can be resentment. And to minister to people, you have to deal with the barrier. That’s where it’s so helpful to have a word of knowledge or discerning, you understand? I don’t get the word of knowledge about people out there, but when I start to talk to people God shows me what to say to them.

Okay. You have a curved spine? Where are you from? Your legs are equal. Do you think the Lord has healed you since you’ve been here? It’s very rare for people with a curved spine to have equal legs. Lord, we release him from any crippling spirit in the name of Jesus. Amen. We’re going to have to move on. Just sit there and thank the Lord, okay?

Your problem, I forget, now? Okay. Let’s have your feet. Your left leg is nearly an inch short, can you see the difference? You feel it growing? Now you’re plugged in, start to thank Him, this is your moment. Just sit there and thank Him. Amen. Thank you, Lord.

Now, time is over but I’m going to do one thing just to help you. You understand, the whole purpose of that is just to get people believing and responding to God. That’s all. And there’s dozens of different ways you can do it, that’s not the only way. If you’re going to go into this kind of ministry, you need to get God to show you the way He wants you to operate.

But because there are a lot of you here that would like to receive a touch from God, I’m going to suggest we do something. Some of you will find it a little strange, that’s okay. I have faith here that people who have unequal legs will have their legs made equal. What I want you to do, and it’s going to be difficult because it’s a space question, that’s something you’ll have to work out. I want you to sit right back on your chair, stretch your own leg...(tape ends.)

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