The Holy Spirit’s Probe
Declaring God's Word
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23 May 
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The Holy Spirit’s Probe

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23 May 

By Derek Prince

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Jesus endured our rejection that we might have His acceptance with the Father

The first step in overcoming rejection is to recognize the problem. Once you recognize it, you can deal with it. You are not alone in this; God will help you recognize it. Let me give you a practical illustration.

During World War II, when I was serving as a medical orderly in the desert in North Africa, I was working with a man who was a brilliant doctor. One of our soldiers was struck with a piece of shrapnel. He came into the medical station with this tiny, black puncture mark in his shoulder. I set to work attending to him, and I asked the doctor, “Shall I get out a dressing to dress the wound?”

The doctor said, “No, give me the probe.” So, I handed him the little silver stick, and he put it in the wound and moved it around. Nothing happened for a few moments. Suddenly, the probe touched the little piece of shrapnel inside, and the patient let out a yelp. The doctor knew he had found the problem.

When I again asked if I should bring the dressing, the doctor replied, “No, bring me the forceps.” He put the forceps in and removed the piece of shrapnel. Only then did he want to apply the dressing.

You may be putting a little dressing of religion over a wound that cannot heal because there is something inside that is causing it to fester. However, if you will open your heart to the Holy Spirit, He will reveal the source of the problem. If the Holy Spirit’s probe touches a piece of shrapnel, yelp if you must, but don’t resist! Ask Him to use His forceps to remove the problem. Then, God can apply something that will truly heal the wound rather than patch it up temporarily.

Prayer response

Thank You, Jesus, for Your work on the cross. I proclaim that I am opening my heart to the Holy Spirit’s probe to reveal the source of my problem. Jesus endured my rejection that I might have His acceptance with the Father. Amen.

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