The Best Family in the Universe
Declaring God's Word
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30 August 
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The Best Family in the Universe

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30 August 

By Derek Prince

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In love, my Father has predestined me to be adopted as His son or daughter

Sometimes there are problems with earthly parents that can never be resolved. But, friends, it does not matter if nobody wanted you, nobody loved you, or your parents were not even married. When you come to God through Jesus Christ, you become a member of the best family in the universe, and God has no second class children.

God’s family is the best family. There is no family quite equal to it. Again, even if your own family did not care for you — perhaps your father rejected you, your mother never had time for you, or your husband never showed you affection — God wants you. You are accepted. You are the object of His special care and affection. Remember, everything He does in the universe revolves around you.

As I wrote earlier, when God says that we are accepted, He does not mean tolerated. We never bother Him. We do not upset Him or disturb Him. We never take too much of His time. The only thing that upsets Him is when we stay away too long.He does not push us off into a corner and say, “Wait. I’m too busy. I don’t have time for you.” Rather, He welcomes us eagerly and lovingly.

Prayer response

Thank You, Father, that I am Your child. I proclaim that by coming to Jesus Christ, I have become a member of the best family in the universe. God welcomes me, because in love, my Father predestined me to be adopted as His son or daughter. Amen.

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