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Year-End Update

December 09, 2023
Dick Leggatt

Dear Friend,

The following advice regarding communication is attributed to President Woodrow Wilson (1912-1920): “Be brief; be brilliant; be gone.”  With that in mind, may I take just a few minutes of your time for an upbeat year-end update about DPM?

In 2023, we marked twenty years since Derek Prince entered into glory on September 24, 2003. No one would ever have guessed that the ministry that bears his name would be increasing and expanding this many years after his death. But it is.

The Lord has blessed Derek Prince Ministries enormously. Thanks to the faithful generosity of dear friends like you, we are a debt-free organization. It is our privilege to utilize the resources God has amply provided to not only touch America and Hispanic people everywhere (a U.S. office responsibility), but the entire world.

To say “thank you” for your help in this work seems inadequate. But we say it sincerely! Most of all, we thank our Lord Jesus. He deserves all the credit for DPM.

As examples of the impact of Derek’s teaching here in our nation, we have condensed a few testimonies from some of the people you have helped us to touch.

Laurie – Facebook

I just discovered Derek Prince’s online teaching about a year ago and I thank God I did. Such anointed teachings! I’ve learned so much about the Holy Spirit and spiritual warfare. 

Michael – Texas

God gave me a Derek Prince video on YouTube one night after I had cried out to Him because of a drug addiction I had for 26 years. I already knew some Scripture, and I did read my Bible sometimes. But I was missing something. After listening to Brother Prince for three months, I was able to walk away from my addiction and have now been sober for 6 months.

Suzan – California

I’ve been going through a stressful time .Listening to Derek’s talks has helped me dig deeper into God and to trust Him in the face of challenges—walking by faith instead of sight and understanding more personally the fear of the Lord. Priceless outcomes!

C.A. – YouTube

I fit wasn't for Derek Prince, I would be dead. Literally. He made me understand that what was happening to me was demonic and gave me the tools to fight. All the praise and glory to God! Thank you, Jesus! I will love You forever!

Testimonies like these come to us every day through social media, emails, letters, and phone calls. Thanks to you, the living impact of Derek’s teaching ministry continues. For these life-changing results, we give all glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

December letters from organizations like ours usually contain a desperate plea for contributions. This is not such a letter. We continue to stand amazed at the way the Lord has abundantly provided all that we need and more. DPM is in good shape.

We do recognize, however, that a year-end contribution may be in your normal giving plans. If that is the case, we will gladly receive your gift, adding our promise to put it to good use. As we like to say, a year-end contribution provides you with an opportunity to give “a little less to Caesar and a little more to the Lord.”

I promised to be brief. (Not so sure about the brilliant, but soon I will be gone.)

The work of Derek Prince Ministries continues strong all around the globe, but much work remains. Let me close simply by thanking you for your part in all that has been done so far, and by inviting you to join us in the exciting work just ahead.

All the best,

Dick Leggatt
President, DPM–USA

P.S. For a year-end contribution to be credited in 2023, please make sure it is postmarked December31. You may make an online contribution  or by texting an amount to (704)900-1252. If your preference is to donate stock, please contact Support Services at (800) 448-3261.

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