Reaching Pastors' Hearts in Mondulkiri Mountains

Huy Ly
Outreach Director, Derek Prince Ministries Cambodia
Huy Ly
Outreach Director, Derek Prince Ministries Cambodia
Huy Ly
Outreach Director, Derek Prince Ministries Cambodia
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The call of Mondulkiri province echoed in our hearts, drawing us back to this remote and captivating region. Last month's outreach ignited a spark, and this time we returned with a new purpose: to equip local pastors through a DPM pastors’ seminar.

Situated over six and half hours drive north-east from Phnom Penh, the long journey was a small hurdle compared to the joy of reaching this special place, etched into our hearts by its beautiful landscape and the desire to serve its minority groups nestled amongst the mountains.

Our backpacks overflowed with Derek’s books – treasures such as By Grace Alone, Faith to Live By, Power in the Name, Pulling Down Strongholds, Final Judgment and Complete Salvation.

Language is No Barrier

In this region of Cambodia, 90% of the participating pastors belong to tribal groups. Khmer, the national language of Cambodia, isn’t their mother tongue. To bridge this gap, we adopted a slower pace, employing clear and simple language to ensure the message resonated deeply.

This seminar unfolded differently to previous ones. Instead of a one-way flow of information, we prioritized interactive learning. Small group discussions became fertile ground for deeper understanding and fellowship. Time stretched as knowledge sparked lively exchanges, a testament to the hunger for spiritual growth amongst these dedicated pastors.

As the late afternoon sky painted itself in dusky hues, a rumble of thunder announced an approaching downpour. With heavy rain making for a treacherous journey home, we made the call to end the seminar, given that many pastors were relying on motorbikes to navigate the 30km back to their villages.

Empowered by the Word of God to Reach Their Communities

Although the seminar concluded sooner than anticipated, the impact resonates far beyond the time spent together. We witnessed a community of pastors, empowered by God's Word and fueled by a shared purpose, ready to ascend spiritual mountains and reach their communities with renewed clarity and conviction.

Our journey to Mondulkiri wasn't just about delivering resources; it was about building bridges, nurturing fellowship, and igniting a fire that will illuminate the mountain villages with the light of the Gospel. The echo of faith continues to rise, a testament to the enduring power of God's Word and the unwavering dedication of these remarkable pastors.

Testimonial of Pastor Nel Le

In the grip of fear, her life revolved around appeasing unseen forces. Forbidden foods and rituals dictated by her tribe's gods offered no solace, only a gnawing anxiety. Why did their deities bring destruction instead of blessings? This haunting question echoed in her heart after a personal tragedy – the loss of a beloved child. The gods she worshipped offered no comfort, no healing touch.
Then, a moment of hope arrived. Strangers from afar spoke of a God named Jesus; a God of love and protection. Skeptical at first, she watched them pray for her family, offering a tenderness she'd never known. They even took her child to the hospital, a gesture that spoke volumes of their genuine care. Though her child slipped away, a profound shift occurred within her. A seed of faith sprouted, nurtured by the name of Jesus and the tangible love these visitors displayed. Deep within, a truth resonated – Jesus, not the gods of her tribe, was the answer she craved.

This encounter transformed her. The woman who once trembled under oppressive customs became a beacon of hope in her village. Now a pastor, she shares the life-changing message of Jesus, the Savior who offers freedom from fear. Her voice rings with conviction, a testament to the transformative power of God's love. She longs for her people to experience the liberation she found – the freedom to live without fear, embraced by the love of the one true God.

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