Accessing God’s Total Provision
Declaring God's Word
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15 August 
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Accessing God’s Total Provision

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15 August 

By Derek Prince

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I have been made perfect in Christ

In order to stand perfect and complete in the fullness of God’s will, a Christian must avail himself of all that God has provided for him through Christ. He cannot omit any part of God’s total provision and expect that some other part will serve as a substitute for that which has been omitted.

Yet, it is at this point precisely that so many Christians go astray in their thinking. Consciously or unconsciously, they reason that because they know they have availed themselves of some part, or parts, of God’s provision for them, they do not need to concern themselves about other parts that they have omitted.

For instance, some Christians put a significant emphasis upon witnessing by word of mouth but are negligent about the practical aspects of daily Christian living. Conversely, other Christians are careful about their conduct but fail to witness openly to their friends and neighbors. Each of these types of Christians tends to criticize or despise the other, yet both are equally at fault. Good Christian living is no substitute for witnessing by word of mouth. On the other hand, witnessing by word of mouth is no substitute for good Christian living. God requires both. The believer who omits one or the other does not stand perfect and complete in the will of God.

Prayer response

Thank You, Lord, for Your work in me. I proclaim my desire to avail myself of all that God has provided for me through Christ, so that I may stand perfect and complete in the will of God, for I have been made perfect in Christ. Amen.

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