Our True Home
Declaring God's Word
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17 June 
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Our True Home

A portrait of Derek Prince in black and white
17 June 

By Derek Prince

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I am a child of God

Once when I was really concerned about my own spiritual condition, I asked God to make heaven more real to me. I believe heaven is the home of every child of God.

I have never met a child who did not have a rather clear idea about his own home. A child might not know the street outside, but he knows his own home. I think one of the marks of us, as God’s children, is that we feel at home in relationship to heaven. This earth is beautiful; this life is exciting. But this world is not our final resting place.

The great saints of God were looking ahead, out of time and into eternity, and they had some glimpses of what was to come. Physical death was not going to be a jump into the unknown. They had some clear revelation of what they could expect. I am looking forward to the temple. I am looking forward to the angels. And I am looking forward to the four living creatures. There is so much that I am looking forward to. I think that the sea of glass mingled with crystal is going to be very exciting (see, for example, Revelation 3:5; 4:6‚Äď8; 7:15). There will be no dull moments in heaven.

Prayer response

Thank You, Jesus, that You have redeemed us. I proclaim that heaven is the home of every child of God‚ÄĒand that includes me, because I am a child of God. Amen.

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