Will You Help Build Up The Body of Christ in Russia and The Former Soviet Republics?

Neil Cornick
Director, Derek Prince Ministries UK
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Neil Cornick
Director, Derek Prince Ministries UK

As one of DPM’s friends and faithful supporters, you know that DPM is, first and foremost, a 'Kingdom Ministry'.

Our primary call is to provide the solid and life-changing Bible teaching of Derek Prince to all citizens of God’s kingdom. To 'build up the body of Christ' in every country of our world.

As Derek once said, "Everyone who loves the Lord is my friend", because the body of Christ supersedes every nationality.

This includes the body of Christ in Russia and other former Soviet Republics where Christians might be feeling scared, isolated and under spiritual attack.

The church in Russia may be in even greater need today than ever before.

The government is tightening its surveillance on churches and believers feel isolated from the rest of the world.

Right now, we want to do more to build up the body of Christ in Russia and the former Soviet Republics by continuing to make Derek’s Bible teaching available to them.

Will you help to make this happen by giving £20 to DPM today? 

Your gift will be used to help believers experience God’s love, care, and provision rather than uncertainty and fear.

In 2022, with the help of friends like you, our DPM outreach provided resources to 150 churches across Russia. And we want to do the same in the future.

By giving just £20, £60, or even £100 today you can ensure that we print and distribute Derek’s teaching on prayer and spiritual warfare to pastors and congregations.

What’s more, with your help we will continue to distribute Derek’s teaching, not just in Russia but also in countries like Moldova, Armenia, and Ukraine.  

Your gift of £20 can be a great help topastors like Igor in Moldova.

Together with volunteers from his church, Igor has distributed aid and free copies of Derek’s books to hundreds of Ukrainian refugees who came to Moldova this year.

He says that Derek's teaching has been such a great encouragement for many of them.

Derek’s books like Why Bad Things Happen to God's People and God's Remedy for Rejection are especially helpful.

Will you give £20 now to make more of Derek’s life-changing books freely available to those who desperately need to hear of God’s love for them?

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness.  

Neil Cornick
DPM UK Director

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