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Help a new believer like Milivoj to experience the life-changing power of God’s Word.

You do not know Milivoj. He is a middle-aged man who lives in Croatia. Yet, by giving to our outreach in Eastern Europe supporters like you played a key role in Milivoj’s story of surrendering his life to Jesus.

I hope that as you read Milivoj’s testimony you will be inspired to help more new Christians like him access Derek’s life-changing Bible teaching.

Milivoj’s story: “I was lost, now I’m found”

Milivoj grew up Catholic and as a child, he went to Mass regularly. But he never had a personal relationship with Jesus.

About ten years ago he got a copy of Derek’s book Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose and began reading it. At that time, Milivoj was into Buddhism and yoga, so when he read that Jesus is the only way to God, he closed his heart and threw Derek’s book away.

A few years later, he felt that something was wrong with Buddhism and abandoned it. Then something both strange and extraordinary happened to him. One day, out of the blue, while he was waiting at the dentist, one name came to the top of his mind - Derek Prince.

Milivoj says:

“That day as soon as I left the dentist, I wasted no time. I used my mobile phone and looked for Derek Prince Ministries in Croatia, and arranged a meeting with your worker Damir. A couple of days later I attended the Sunday service in a gospel church for the first time in my life. Also, I started to read Derek´s books again and watch his videos on YouTube. Derek’s teaching about the power of the blood of Jesus, the pulling down of strongholds and blessings and curses, was truly eye-opening for me. I am grateful to God for Derek’s teaching through which He changed my life.”

Do you find Milivoj’s story inspiring? If your answer is yes, would you be able to give just $30 to help others like him to unlock the power of God’s Word in their lives?

As you can see, past gifts from someone like you made it possible for our workers in Croatia and elsewhere in Eastern Europe to translate Derek’s books and dub his teaching videos into local languages. Without your help, Milivoj and countless other people like him would not have been able to access Bible teaching that served as a catalyst for their spiritual transformations.

God can use your generosity and prayers to transform lives in Eastern Europe through Derek Prince’s teaching.

Your gift today can put valuable Bible teaching by Derek Prince into the hands of thousands of seekers and Christians in Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, etc.

You can make possible the printing and distribution of books like The Prophetic Guide to the End Times, Longing for His Appearing and Hear God’s Voice in ten European languages. And, with your help, we can upload new resources on our ministry websites and much more.

In these difficult times, your support means a lot to us and to the people we serve.

Our workers can’t encourage people in their walk with Jesus without the help of DPM supporters. Your gift today is much needed and gratefully appreciated.

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