Reaching the Unreached and Teaching the Untaught in South East Asia

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Whilst much of the world is going through a turbulent time of upheaval, chaos, uncertainty and fear, the Gospel continues to go forth in power throughout south east Asia, with thousands coming to salvation and being discipled and taught through Derek’s Bible teaching. We trust you will be inspired as you read about just some of the ministry taking place through DPM’s outreaches in Vietnam and Cambodia.


  • Population: 98.8 million
  • Non-Christians: 84.9 million
  • People Groups: 118
  • Unreached People Groups: 80

The spread of the Gospel in Vietnam has been inconsistent, with the majority of churches being in the central and south provinces and far fewer believers in the north. Dozens of tribes have still never heard the Gospel message. For the past two years, DPM-New Zealand has therefore been sponsoring five pastors/evangelists in central Vietnam so they can help to “Reach the Unreached and Teach the Untaught” to a far greater extent. These pastors and evangelists travel to numerous remote villages where the Gospel has never previously been preached and where there are no churches. This has resulted in small home church groups being started and one of the evangelists wrote to thank us, advising:

“Thank you very much for this love gift; it enables me to go to more areas to evangelise and start one more home church amongst a tribe. This month we had 12 people come to salvation. We also started many discipleship classes for the new believers using Self Study Bible Course to teach them. Thanks a lot. May God bless you for partnering with us.”

Derek’s teaching on How to Pass from Curse to Blessing and The Holy Spirit in You are also regularly used in discipleship classes.

DPM representative, Ps. “D”, has also recently held a very successful seminar for 40 tribal leaders and pastors in Quang Ngai (central Vietnam). Many were blessed and challenged to be more fruitful for God. At the end of the seminar, one of the tribal leaders received Christ, and many others were in tears as they repented and committed their lives to God.

Coupled with this, Ps. “D” also holds weekly training sessions using Derek’s materials and proclamation cards. He told us, there are now 15 full-time Bible students from seven different tribes under our weekly training. One of them has already planted a new church! Ps. “D” also holds numerous seminars throughout the year and this year has held a couple based on Derek’s teaching The Power and Authority of God’s Word and God’s Word Heals.

In order to help reach Vietnam’s millions with the Gospel, there is an urgent need to sponsor more pastors and evangelists to travel to remote areas so they can “Reach the Unreached and Teach the Untaught”. At just NZ$160 per month per person (or $1,920 per year), this is a small investment for such significant outcomes. Our 2023 budget for Vietnam currently doesn’t allow us to add any further pastors/evangelists to this sponsorship programme, so we’re asking if you would prayerfully consider contributing toward this, please.


  • Population: 15.9 million
  • Non-Christians: 15.4 million
  • People Groups: 42
  • Unreached People Groups: 30

Right now, there is a growing hunger amongst pastors and Christian leaders in Cambodia for the Word of God. However, one of the main concerns is that of doctrinal error, which can enter through the teaching pastors receive from their respective denominations.

It has therefore been on the heart of our DPM-Cambodia coordinator, Mr Huy Ly, to teach as many pastors and leaders as possible using Derek’s Bible teaching. With this in mind, Huy and his team have travelled extensively throughout Cambodia over the past couple of years, taking Derek’s teaching into remote areas where very few, if any, pastors’ seminars have been held. He has also invited a pastor from each province to join his teaching team so they can lead small group discussions at each seminar.

Following one of the seminars, Huy said, By the end of the seminar, many pastors stood up and shared that this was very clear teaching which enlightened them a lot, and they are very happy to use these materials in their congregations. We observed that their facial expressions changed from one of depression to joy after the seminar. A good reflection from this trip was, let’s not just teach people to follow a particular denomination but to focus on Jesus Christ. Bringing people to Jesus and equipping them with Derek’s teaching booklets and proclamation cards is our biggest mission. We will supply more material as needed.

Pastors’ Seminar, Kratie Province, Cambodia

Mr Huy aims to have 40 pastors at each of the remaining eight pastors’ seminars to be held this year. Often there is standing room only at each seminar, with a second group needing to be taught outside – such is the hunger for the Word of God. It costs NZ$1,600 to hold each seminar, which includes travel, accommodation and food costs. Could you please consider partnering with us to help fund these seminars so that hundreds more pastors and Christian leaders throughout Cambodia are trained and resourced with sound Bible teaching, using Derek’s materials? Your tax-rebatable gift will help Mr Huy and the team fulfil this urgent need.

Your support is much needed and greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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