Middle East Appeal: Sharing God’s Love With Syrian Refugees

Neil Cornick
Director, Derek Prince Ministries UK
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Neil Cornick
Director, Derek Prince Ministries UK

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you read the stories of refugees in the Middle East? Do you ever wonder how you can help them?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to these questions, let me show you how you can use your generosity and your prayers to fill many refugees’ lives with God’s hope and love.

By giving £35 to our Middle East outreach, you can enable our workers to share God’s love and hope with refugees.

You can join forces with DPM workers like Amir* and Leila* in serving the refugees and persecuted believers in a spiritually dark and volatile region.

The refugee crisis in Lebanon is massive. One in four people are living in refugee camps! Yet, God is paving a way for our ministry to share His love with Syrian refugees through words and actions.

Leila* and Amir* are partnering with Korean pastor Ji-hoon* and his team to serve the refugees. They are teaching the children. And they are feeding hungry families.

What’s more, they are telling refugees about Jesus and hosting Bible study groups. They are using Derek Prince’s Self-Study Bible Course in their Bible study groups. And the good news is that many Muslims are coming to Christ! They need your help to continue this vital ministry amongst the refugees.

Will you help Pastor Ji-hoon, Leila and Amir share the gospel with the refugees by giving £35 or £60 to DPM today?

Amir and Leila are already planning their next outreaches in Lebanon and Syria. They want to distribute more of Derek’s books, as well as food and fuel, to people who are struggling.

Will you join them in this vital mission work by giving to DPM today?

  • £35 can put Derek’s teaching in Arabic into the hands of refugees and others seeking hope in the Middle East.
  • £60 can take the messages of God’s hope to countless tents and hearts.
  • Your gift of £200 can ensure that Derek’s teaching and other basic supplies can give hope to people in need in hard to reach places across the Middle East.

Many Syrian women our workers talk to are illiterate. So, proclamation cards from Derek Prince can assist them in memorising God’s promises. With your help, we can put proclamation cards into their hands. And we know that the women we meet will share God’s comforting words with their loved ones.

Thank you for your willingness to share God’s hope and love with refugees and seekers across the Middle East.

Neil Cornick, DPM UK Director

*We have changed the names of our workers for security reasons)

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