Restoring Families in Eastern Europe

Branislav Cekan
Director, Derek Prince Ministries Eastern Europe
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Branislav Cekan
Director, Derek Prince Ministries Eastern Europe

My name is Branislav, and I serve as the Outreach Director for Derek Prince Ministries (DPM) in Eastern Europe. What we are seeing in our area, as with many other parts of the world, is an ever-increasing spiritual attack on families, marriages, and children. But I also see the powerful change when people discover God’s truths for their lives—and apply them. That’s why we are so committed to distributing Derek’s Bible teaching.

A Husband’s Plea

In this letter, I want to share a moving story that shows the urgent need in our region for sound Biblical teaching on marriage. A few months ago, I received a prayer request from Pavel who lives in Poland (Pavel and his wife’s names have been changed to protect their identity). Pavel’s words were simple, yet carried a tremendous weight: “Please pray for my marriage. My wife and I are going through serious troubles.” Pavel’s cry for help resonated with the silent cries of countless men and women in Eastern Europe.

In our one-on-one counseling sessions with them, both Pavel and his wife Katarzyna told me about their constant arguing. They desperately wanted to stop the fighting and heal their marriage— but they also admitted that they did not know how to do it.

Recognizing God’s Truth 

Despite numerous interventions from friends and therapists, Pavel and Katarzyna kept pointing fingers, accusing each other as the source of their troubles. They needed to be reminded that the root of their struggles, as the Bible teaches, lay within their own hearts. 

Over time, I introduced them to a life-changing principle from Derek Prince’s book, The Marriage Covenant. In that book, Derek says: “The essence of a successful marriage is the mutual sacrifice of both partners, mirroring Christ’s love for His church.” 

As Pavel and Katarzyna read The Marriage Covenant, their eyes were opened to God’s truth. They soon realized that the first step for mending their marriage was acknowledging the real problem—their inherent sinfulness and self-centeredness. 

Finding Spiritual Support 

When they understood that only through God’s guidance could their marriage thrive, Pavel and Katarzyna turned to God. They also connected with their local church, where they found the spiritual support they desperately needed. 

Pavel shared with me, “Branislav, reading Derek’s book and praying has shifted my priorities. I am learning to love my family as Christ loves us. Now I realize that just meeting the material needs of my family is not enough. Encouraging them to know God and follow Him is what truly matters.” 

How thankful I am to help this couple by getting Derek Prince’s teaching on marriage into their hands! I am also deeply aware that this never would have happened without the generous support of people like you! Your faithfulness makes our ministry possible. Thank you so much for giving to our DPM-Eastern Europe outreach!

Continued Challenges 

Our greatest hope is that you will continue to support this vital mission work. Former Eastern European countries like Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Albania are grappling with recession, high inflation rates, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Because of these and other factors, the challenges to marriage and family life have intensified. 

In our corner of the world, the need for spiritual guidance and hope is greater than ever. Such help is rooted in God’s life-changing Word. That is why, with your involvement, our DPM outreach in Eastern Europe can be empowered to address some of these challenges head-on. 

Transformative Miracles 

Would you please consider sending us $30, $100 or more to our outreach in Eastern Europe today? 

Will you help us to help people like Pavel and Katarzyna to restore their marriages and family life, using God’s Word? 

Your donation of $30 can ensure that five married couples can receive Derek’s book, The Marriage Covenant, in the Serbian, Croatian, or Bulgarian languages. 

A gift of $100 can help several young Christians to discover God’s design for marriage as a life-long commitment by reading Derek’s book, God is a Matchmaker, in the Hungarian, Polish, or Slovenian languages. 

Your generous donation of $300 can ensure the distribution of 20 copies of another book by Derek Prince, Rediscovering God’s Church, to pastors and lay leaders in Romania, Slovakia, and Czechia. Leaders in these areas need a deeper understanding of their role in the local church.

Our Hope and Prayer: Please Join us! 

Will you please partner with us as we respond to the challenges of people in Eastern Europe like Pavel and Katarzyna? You can join us in our mission to fortify marriages, uplift families, and spread God’s hope across Eastern Europe. Thank you in advance for your gift.

Together, we can offer help to more people like Pavel and Katarzyna. We can give them a chance to unlock the life-changing power of God’s Word by using Derek’s Bible teaching in their own languages.

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