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Branislav Cekan
Director, Derek Prince Ministries Eastern Europe
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Branislav Cekan
Director, Derek Prince Ministries Eastern Europe

I'm Branislav, the Outreach Director for Derek Prince Ministries in Eastern Europe.

Today, I want to share with you a story that really hits close to home for many, including Pavel and Katarzyna from Poland.

They were struggling in their marriage, lost without guidance, until they encountered Derek Prince's teachings on marriage through his book "The Marriage Covenant."

It was a game-changer for them, showing that mutual sacrifice and Christ's love are at the heart of a strong marriage.

The restoration of their marriage was possible because of caring DPM supporters like you whose generous gifts have enabled us to distribute Derek’s life-changing teaching materials to couples in need.

Now, I'm reaching out to ask if you could help us continue this vital work.

Will you give to our outreach in Eastern Europe today?

With challenges like economic instability and the ongoing effects of conflicts in our region, the need for solid, Bible-based teaching on marriage is more critical than ever.

Your gift today, whether £30, £100, or £300, can make a significant impact.

It can provide couples with resources in their native language, helping them rebuild their marriages on the foundation of God's Word.

Will you give £30 today to help more couples like Pavel and Katarzyna?

Your generosity can lead to more life-transforming stories, offering hope and healing through the power of God's teachings.

Thank you for considering this request.

Together, we can make a real difference in the lives of families across Eastern Europe.

Warm regards,

Branislav Čekan Outreach Director, Derek Prince Ministries Eastern Europe

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