Derek Prince

Derek Prince, an international Bible teacher whose theological insights and devout faith have left a lasting impact on Christian communities worldwide, was born on August 14, 1915, in Bangalore, India. His life's journey took him from academic pursuits in philosophy and modern languages at Cambridge University to a profound conversion to Christianity during World War II. This experience propelled him into a life dedicated to studying and teaching the Bible, writing over 100 books, and establishing a global ministry that continues to resonate with believers to this day.

His early life was marked by a scholarship to the prestigious Eton College and a Fellowship at Cambridge. However, it was during his wartime service in the Royal Army Medical Corps that he encountered Jesus through the Scriptures, an event that transformed his life and set him on a path of unwavering faith. Motivated by this experience, he committed the next three years of active duty in North Africa to a thorough study of the Bible.

After the war, Derek settled in Jerusalem, witnessing the prophetic return of the Jewish people to Israel. It was there he met and married Lydia Christensen, a Danish missionary, and together they adopted eight girls. The Prince family later moved to England, and then to Kenya as missionaries, where Derek's teaching ministry flourished.

In the years that followed, Derek Prince's ministry grew exponentially. He traveled extensively, speaking at various churches and becoming a pivotal figure in the early Charismatic movement. After Lydia's death in 1975, Derek married Ruth Baker in 1978, with whom he continued his ministry, including the launch of a successful daily radio program.

Derek Prince's teachings and publications, now translated into over 100 languages, have become an invaluable resource for Christians around the world, reflecting his commitment to biblical truth and the love of Christ. His legacy is carried on by Derek Prince Ministries, which he founded in 1971 to distribute his teachings. This ministry operates globally and is dedicated to continuing the work Derek began until the return of Jesus.

His death on September 24, 2003, in Jerusalem marked the end of a life wholly devoted to God's service. Derek's tombstone, located in the Alliance Church International Cemetery, epitomizes his role as a devoted teacher of the scriptures. To this day, his influence endures, as evidenced by the ongoing demand for his prolific writings and the spread of his teachings. Derek Prince, a steadfast servant of God, remains a beacon of faith, inspiring Christians to earnestly study the Bible and live out their faith.

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Derek Prince