Ross Paterson

Director, Derek Prince Ministries China

Ross Paterson has been a guiding force behind Derek Prince Ministries work in China, and in the Chinese speaking church outside of China, since 1984. As the Director of DPM China, he has overseen the distribution of Derek Prince's teachings across the nation, working closely with a dedicated team. His extensive experience in missionary work and profound understanding of Chinese culture and language have been essential in his role.

Personal Insights

Ross's journey of faith and ministry began in 1969 when he embarked on his missionary work in Taiwan. He initially engaged in student work and village evangelism before becoming a mission consultant for the largest church on the island, serving a congregation of about 10,000 people. His missionary endeavors also took him to Singapore, where he lived for 13 years. Ross holds a Master's degree in Theology from Cambridge University. But he attributes his more than 50 years of faithful service of the Chinese people and church to his devotional walk with the Lord in prayer and in the Scriptures.

Influence Of Derek Prince

One of the most influential resources for Ross has been Derek Prince's "Foundation Series." Thirty years ago, Ross was pivotal in publishing this series in Chinese in Taiwan and later in distributing it in China in simplified Chinese script. Under Derek Prince’s guidance, they aimed to distribute one million copies of this book across China, a goal that was achieved by God’s grace. This series has profoundly impacted the training programs of some of China's house churches, providing them with solid biblical foundations.

Some Final Thoughts

Ross's commitment to Derek Prince Ministries stems from a clear mandate he received from the Lord in 1984 to introduce Derek’s teachings into China. Despite initially knowing little about Derek, Ross faithfully followed this call, utilizing his experience and familiarity with the Chinese language and church. His unwavering dedication to this mission has been a driving force behind the significant impact DPM has had in China. Ross is deeply motivated by the continuous testimonies of transformed lives and strengthened churches, believing that this work is a vital part of God’s divine plan. Ross is married to Christine, and they have five daughters and eight grandchildren.

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