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26 July 2022
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We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new UK website featuring the timeless Bible teachings of Derek Prince.

Following a busy year and months of preparation, we’ve redesigned the UK website which now benefits from our central resources on

Key Features

Designed with UK audiences in mind, the website features regional news, local outreach initiatives, and over 2,000 Bible teaching resources. In the past, much of this content was only available via third-party sites (i.e. YouTube) which made it difficult to browse the complete library. Now, with the launch of the new site, they’re all available in one convenient location with enhanced features to aid your spiritual development (i.e. free transcript downloads).

Note: You're reading this article on the Global version of the website, which shares the same Bible teaching library as our UK edition.

About Derek Prince Ministries

Derek Prince Ministries is a Bible teaching ministry that’s passionate about God and discipling believers to spiritual maturity. Founded in 1971 by acclaimed international author, Derek Prince, we provide a trusted source of Christian resources for churches, leaders, students, and everyday people just like you.

Please see our about page for more information.

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