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Derek Prince Legacy Radio is a broadcast Bible teaching program and podcast that has been inspiring and transforming the lives of millions of listeners for decades. Its inception is a testament to faith and devotion to the call of God, fueling its continued success through the power of God's Word.

Then & now

In February 1979, Derek announced to readers of his newsletter that he was starting a daily radio show, from Monday to Friday each week. At the time, he was a respected and well-known Bible teacher and an accomplished author, traveling the globe with his wife Ruth, teaching God's Word, praying for the sick and casting out demons in the name of the Lord Jesus. Reflecting on this period in his sermon How To Approach Biblical Prophecy, Derek said:

“I had never been interested in [radio ministry] but I started because God told me to start.”

With an initial budget of $8,000 per month, Derek Prince began broadcasting his messages on eight radio stations across the United States. Originally called “Today with Derek Prince”, the ministry quickly gained traction, leading to a surge in listeners and increased demand for his teachings. By the 1990s, Legacy Radio had been translated into Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Tongan, Samoan, Mongolian and four local languages in China where it was broadcast daily.

Today, the program remains a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration for people around the world. Featuring over 100 series with a total of 910 episodes, listeners have access to a wealth of valuable resources in multiple languages to strengthen their faith and transform their world through a sound understanding of God's Word.

Popular series include:

Additionally, the acclaimed Laying The Foundation series is available for listeners to enjoy.

Derek Prince could only imagine the vast and enduring impact of Legacy Radio, but as he said, "God did it".

Enduring Success

The enduring popularity of Legacy Radio is a shining example of God's abundant provision and His ability to conquer obstacles and create new opportunities. Guided by the Holy Spirit, Derek's systematic and practical teaching style resonated with audiences, leaving a profound and lasting impression.

A renowned Bible teacher and author, Derek's sincere and uncompromising approach to God's Word captivated audiences from a wide variety of Christian denominations. His vast knowledge of Scripture, combined with his ability to present complex theological concepts in a clear and concise manner, made him a trusted and beloved figure for countless believers around the world.

Another key factor that has contributed to the success of Legacy Radio is its format. Each episode is approximately 10 minutes in length, making it the ideal bitesize teaching for life on the go. Whether during the daily commute, lunch break, or other spare moment, listeners could easily incorporate these teachings into their daily routines.

To maximize its reach, the program is available in multiple languages, making them accessible to a vast and diverse audience. With the help of modern technology and widespread access to online streaming platforms such as YouTube, these teachings have the ability to reach people and communities that were previously unreachable.

For a period, the program was hosted by Stephen Mansfield, a New York bestselling author and speaker, who also wrote Derek's biography. His insightful commentary and ability to connect with listeners, particularly in the United States, further added to the profile and success of Legacy Radio.

Equip Your Faith

The wide-ranging themes covered by Derek Prince Legacy Radio offer something for everyone. From exploring the mysteries of deliverance and spiritual warfare, to delving into the power of prayer and God's love, the podcast provides a wealth of biblical insights for listeners. With an emphasis on faith and the authority of God's Word, these teachings provide a comprehensive view of the Bible and its relevance to our daily lives.

We invite you to set aside a few moments to listen to the Legacy Radio podcast and experience the power of God's Word in your life today!

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