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‘Today, we have a nationwide, interchurch prayer day for Ukraine in our country. May the Lord bless all who put their hearts into it.' This is how Vlad, outreach worker for Derek Prince Ministries in Ukraine started his message today, one year after Putin launched what he called a “special military operation”, ordering tens of thousands of Russian military troops into neighbouring Ukraine.

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has brought with it a great deal of suffering and uncertainty. For over a year now, the people of Ukraine have been living under the shadow of war, with countless lives lost on both sides and many more forever changed by the violence and destruction. In such a difficult and trying time, it can be easy to lose hope and feel overwhelmed by despair. However, for many in Ukraine, their Christian faith has been a source of comfort, strength, and hope. Through prayer, and Bible study, they have found a way to stay grounded in the midst of chaos and to not lose sight of what is truly important. Their faith has reminded them of the power of love, compassion, and forgiveness, and of the ultimate victory of good over evil.

Of course, the Christian faith is not a magic solution to the challenges of war and conflict. The people of Ukraine continue to face immense difficulties, and the road ahead is long and uncertain. They need encouragement from the Lord!

Vlad shared how he is daily receiving requests for Derek's Bible resources. ‘Despite the war, almost every day we take orders for books. This is in addition to people reading and listening to Derek Prince's materials online. For example, some time ago, sister Vera (82 years old) called us by phone and ordered books by post - she told us that she had been staying in Yagotyn town, Kyiv region, all this time. While the Russian troops were trying to besiege Kyiv, she prayed for God's protection and listened (and since then continues to listen) to Derek Prince's sermons on our YouTube channel every day. This is the main source of inspiration for their family.’

One of Derek Prince's books that is really encouraging people in Ukraine is Why Bad Things Happen To God's People. Vlad: ‘God began to speak to Job through the hardest circumstances and Job responded in faith. Then the Lord restored him. God is not interested in our right theories, He is first of all interested in our relationship with Him, in His leading our lives, in our obedience to Him, in our trust in Him! I believe that this is exactly what is happening in Ukraine now: God opens the ear to Ukrainians in all these circumstances!’

Thank you for your support to Christians in Ukraine

Today we want to thank you for your prayers and financial support for our Ukraine outreach during the last financial year.

  • Together we have blessed and encouraged hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to draw hope and strength from God's Word.
  • Thanks to your generosity, we printed and distributed over 50,000 Proclamation cards and 10,000 copies of prayer cards to Ukrainian soldiers, displaced people, and others who asked for help.
  • With your help, we printed and distributed over 1,000 copies of Declaring God's Word and 2,000 copies of Exchange on the Cross.
  • Because of caring friends like you, our workers and volunteers provided firewood, food, shelter, and medicines to vulnerable elderly people who were unable to leave their homes.
  • Together we supported local churches and ministries offering hot meals, water, and other supplies to needy people in the subways of Kharkiv, Mykolaev, and elsewhere.
  • Translation of a new book by Derek Prince, called The Beast or The Lamb, has started.

Once again thank you for making this vital ministry possible.

Please Pray

Please remember the people of Ukraine in your prayers today. A year on from the invasion let us pray together for peace and healing.

  • Pray for our workers and for church leaders who are ministering to those who are hurting.
  • Pray for wisdom, strength, and compassion for all who serve the people of Ukraine in the country and in the surrounding nations.
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