Reaching the Jewish Lemba People in Southern Africa

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The Lemba, a tribe of 70,000 to 80,000 members who live in central Zimbabwe and northern South Africa, have a unique history. According to their oral tradition, the Lemba are descended from seven Jewish men who left Israel 2,500 years ago and married African women. DNA tests indeed reveal that many of the Lemba tribesmen have Jewish origins.

Although, according to oral history, their ‘Book’ (the Torah) got lost during their journey from Israel to Zimbabwe, their customs are similar to Jewish ones. For instance, they refrain from eating pork or other foods forbidden by the Torah, they have a holy day once a week, and even put a Star of David on their gravestones. In recent years, the Lemba community is experiencing a “Jewish revival,” aiming to learn Hebrew and Torah, to build their own synagogues and to engage in mainstream Judaism.

Therefore, the team of Derek Prince Ministries in South Africa considers it both a privilege as well as an important calling from the Lord to serve the Lemba people with Derek Prince’s Bible teaching.

Gift Packs

In recent years, gift packs with Derek’s resources have been sent to the Lemba people, as well as Lemba pastors in South Africa. The gift packs contain Derek’s teaching on Israel as well as other titles that clearly present the Gospel.

A recent event in Venda where over 200 leaders from the Lemba were present. DPM South Africa director, Isabel Surgeon, and Board member Andrew, travelled 440 km to Venda to present packs of Derek’s material to each leader.

Isabella Surgeon, Director of Derek Prince Ministries South Africa, presents a gift.

In addition to the gift packs, solar players were given to the top leaders as well as Derek’s Laying the Foundations DVDs in Venda-language. Not all of them are believers in Yeshua and others lean more to the traditional Jewish Synagogue. Please join us in prayer that many of them will have their eyes opened to receive Jesus as their Messiah.

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