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In October 2022, a huge and exciting project was launched, called the Septuagint Project, which aims to translate the subtitles of Derek’s 70 most important video and audio sermons in 70 languages and share them on platforms such as YouTube.

The name of the project has historic roots. In the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC, Jewish rabbis set to work to produce a Greek translation of the Old Testament called the Septuagint. This name, Septuagint, is a Greek word meaning 70, based on the legend that there were 70 translators working on this translation, which made the complete Tanakh (Old Testament) available to the whole known world at that time. Derek Prince Ministries' Septuagint Project is a 21st-century approach to reaching the whole world with the Word of God!

Reaching Millions

YouTube’s reach continues to grow. It is the second most visited website on the planet, after Derek Prince’s videos on the two largest YouTube channels are currently seeing approximately 4 million views a month, or 50 million views a year. However, since the majority of these videos are posted by English-speaking nations, the demand for subtitles in multiples languages is increasing rapidly. As a result, Derek Prince Ministries' offices and individual Christians from around the world regularly contact us about the availability of translated subtitles.

Subtitles help viewers to understand the message, especially hearing impaired and non-English viewers. They also help YouTube to know the subject-matter of the videos, so that it can provide better search results for their viewers. This increases our potential to reach both Christians and non-Christians with the Biblical truths thy need.

The entire Septuagint Project, Project LXX, is likely to run for at least 5 to 6 years but the first results were already booked when in January the first 30 Hebrew subtitles were completed. Now, Hebrew-speaking believers and seekers can watch Derek’s sermons in their own language.

More To Come

We are actively collaborating with translators from various countries around the world and are pleased to report that we have an additional 15 languages in the pipeline for translation. This is vital to ensure each message is communicated accurately and effectively across language barriers.

We would be grateful if you could join us in prayer for the administration of this project and for all the translators involved. May God bless us with wisdom and discernment as we work together to bring this vision to fruition.

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