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Israel's 75th anniversary was celebrated on April 25th 2023, marking an important milestone for the nation and the world. To commemorate this momentous event, Derek Prince Ministries is excited to announce the launch of our new webpage, featuring exclusive content that relates to Israel and its unique place in God’s divine plan.

As a ministry that has always been passionate about Israel, we understand the significance of this moment in history. Our new webpage provides an opportunity to celebrate Israel's 75th anniversary by delving into the rich biblical teachings that Derek Prince shared throughout his ministry.

Special Edition Magazine

Through our new webpage, you can access a special edition magazine that celebrates Israel's 75th anniversary. This magazine includes valuable insights on the unique calling of the Jewish people, and how it relates to God's plan for the end times. We invite you to download your free copy and learn more about Israel's prophetic role as described in the Bible.

More Bible Teachings

In addition to the magazine, we feature a variety of resources related to Israel, including Proclamation Cards, books, and a brand new Teaching Letter. You’ll also find a link to a free audio book, and an interview with the narrator, the award-winning Messianic Jewish singer and songwriter, Joshua Aaron.

Celebrating Israel’s Prophetic Role in God’s Plan

At Derek Prince Ministries, we believe that the Bible is the most reliable source to understand the unfolding story of Israel and the Middle East. Derek Prince dedicated his life to sharing this message and emphasizing the importance of Israel's restoration as part of God’s master plan for the salvation of mankind.

As Derek Prince once said:

“Israel is God’s prophetic clock. By restoring the people to the land, God has set the clock once again in motion. After long centuries of silence, it is now telling the time.”

This is why we are thrilled to launch our new webpage, which provides space for Christians to explore Derek Prince's rich biblical teachings on Israel's role in God's plan.

Explore our Resources

We invite you to join us in celebrating Israel's 75th anniversary by visiting our new webpage and exploring the valuable resources that we have available. As you do, we pray that you will be blessed and encouraged by the message of hope and restoration that we share.

To access our new webpage and explore our exclusive content on Israel's 75th anniversary, please visit:

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