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George & Betty Jackson
George & Betty Jackson
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Our first trip to Israel was 54 years ago with Derek and Lydia Prince. Since then, from the world’s perspective, Israel has become a significant leader in many world markets. Tourism is booming, hotels are crowded, and tour sites are full of buses and often with waiting lines to enter. But, where is the Holy Spirit moving in the culture?

I was greatly encouraged in talking recently with a few Israeli friends. A young man of 35, assisted by a friend of 15 years, is leading two home groups near Tel Aviv. They then go out at night to the busiest area of Tel Aviv and speak of the Messiah on the street.

Also, a well-known pastor in Jerusalem is hosting a meeting every other week to teach the Bible to 18-40 year-olds. The group is presently attended by 40-120 Israelis.

A prominent Jerusalem artist, whom we have known for more than 25 years, is watching Derek Prince on YouTube.

During our last trip to Israel in February, we invited several of our friends to the hotel for fellowship each day. We spent time listening to their lives in Israel and could see God is moving!

And our outreach in Israel continues. We are translating and publishing Derek Prince's materials in Hebrew: including books, CD's and DVDs. The need for solid teaching in Israel is great, for the Messianic church here is young and has great spiritual needs. We are equipping leaders and Israeli youth by developing and promoting the Hebrew/English mobile App, which includes the entire Bible, with links throughout to Derek’s teaching, along with daily devotionals in print and audio, and a yearly reading plan. And we strengthen our online presence on social media by making uploading Derek’s teaching on social channels and engaging with new generations of Jewish seekers and new believers.

Materials we have used for both distribution and internet content:

  • 25 Books Translated into Hebrew
  • 24 Audio messages in Hebrew
  • 23 Teaching Articles in Hebrew
  • A Hebrew and English website. We are presently working to develop a new website that will be interactive in both Hebrew and English.
  • Derek Prince mobile Apps in Hebrew and English.
  • Book distribution through public locations in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
  • Pastors request books, which we supply to them free of cost.
  • Financial support for summer Messianic youth camps.
  • Home group leaders use Derek’s Hebrew materials.

Not only do we make Bible resources available in Hebrew and English. Because of the generosity of supporters, Derek Prince Ministries outreach workers and volunteers continue to reach out to other language groups in Israel by:

  • Making Derek’s teaching resources available to the Israeli Ethiopian community and equipping them to share the good news of Jesus with local Jewish people.
  • Discipling Russian believers and encouraging their churches in Israel. Over 20% of Israel’s population is made up of people who returned from Russian exile to their homeland. With the help of DPM Caucasus, we are seeking to resource the Russian churches in Israel.
  • Reaching Arabic speakers in Israel through Voice of Hope radio ( and through Derek’s books in Arabic.
  • Raising awareness and prayer support for Israel. Hundreds of tour groups visit Israel every year, and thanks to your generosity we can seize new opportunities to inspire Christians to pray for Israel by giving out free copies of Derek’s booklet, Our Debt to Israel, to every English-speaking believer on selected Christian tours.
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